Top 3 Places To Buy Gift Cards In Nigeria

February 3, 2023
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If you are part of the new generation of wealth makers taking advantage of the gift card industry, this post is just what you need.

With gift cards fast becoming an in-thing in Nigeria and many people realising their true potential, the demand for them is becoming high.

Before we go into the best place to buy gift cards in Nigeria, let's discuss the basics…

What Are Gift Cards?

Gift cards are plastic or electronic prepaid cards with an installed amount that serves as a token of exchange. Brands use them to offer their customers deals and discounts while guaranteeing that whoever acquires these gift cards makes a purchase.

There are different kinds of gift cards. These include E-commerce gift cards like Amazon, eBay and Best Buy, store gift cards like Shoprite, Nike, and Starbucks, Travel gift cards like Airbnb, flight lift and, gaming gift cards like Steam and Razer Gold; and entertainment gift cards like iTunes and Netflix.

These gift cards are traded on many of the platforms we are about to discuss. They are a legit source of income for many who understand the ethics of the business.


Before you buy a gift card, here are some of steps you need to take.

Important Steps To Take Before Buying A Gift Card

1. Ensure that you do due diligence

Always check out the reviews of the person or organisation selling the gift card. Truth is, with every market comes opportunists. The gift card industry has its drawbacks and has its fair share of scammers. This is why many people either shy away from starting the business or use trusted platforms and organisations like Cardtonic.

2. Look out for the best deals

There is no point in buying a gift card that leaves you little to no margin to make a profit. It will help if you look for deals from trusted vendors and platforms. This way, you will buy and still be able to sell at a considerable margin.

3. Watch out for customer service

Sometimes you may have specific feedback and questions you need to answer. This aspect of whatever business sells gift cards ensures you have a seamless experience.

This is the ultimate decision on where you should buy a gift card. Why? Things happen. Life happens. Errors may occur. What do you do then? You need a business that walks you through every step, guaranteeing that they aren't just about the life of taking your money or selling you gift cards.

With these 3 in mind, here are the best places to buy gift cards in Nigeria.

Where To Buy Gift Cards In Nigeria - Top 3

1. Gift Card Granny:

Gift card Granny is an online marketplace that curates a list of trusted gift card vendors. With these vendors, you can buy and sell gift cards and even earn cashback. Gift card granny is an international platform and hosts several other websites where consumers can purchase gift cards at discounted rates.

Pros: you get multiple options and can choose a different vendor if the one you previously bought from didn't serve you to satisfaction.

Cons: Information overload. Sometimes your debit card may not work because of international restrictions.

2. Cardtonic

Cardtonic is one of Africa's leading gift card platforms. Here, you can buy gift cards at discounted rates in less than 2 minutes. Cardtonic is also believed to have one of the best customer service systems in Africa, given that their response time is less than 30 minutes. With Cardtonic, you can earn reward points on each transaction, buy at discounted rates, and sell gift cards at reasonable rates. They are available in Nigeria and Ghana and have a robust social media presence and email correspondence on offers and special deals.

Pros: A dedicated customer service team to handle feedback. Encrypted transactions guarantee your financial safety. Updates on deals and promos. Rewards for transactions and referrals.

Cons: A lot of email correspondence. 

3. Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace has a lot of trusted vendors with good reviews. These vendors have amassed a sizeable customer base that can attest to the validity of their business. Facebook marketplace is the go-to spot if you wish to bargain and have back and forth about the prices of the gift cards you want.

Pros: You can negotiate prices. Easy to access. 

Cons: Risk of scammers. Information overload. It would help if you did due diligence.


Before you buy a gift card from any marketplace, consider your skill level and risk factor. You do not want to swim with the sharks with only a rubber duck as your support.

Suppose you seek an experience that allows you to trade confidently and offers tips on the best cards to buy, customer service to help with your feedback and regular communication on best offerings... 

You should consider Cardtonic strongly.

It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up and is available on the iOS and android stores. And also on the web.

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