Dogecoin millionaire's list; Solana (SOL) and Everlodge (ELDG) The Ones To Hold According To Chat GPT

December 27, 2023
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A Dogecoin millionaire recently made predictions about the DeFi market. They highlighted several cryptocurrencies to buy, though Solana and Everlodge were the top options. These predictions are supported by ChatGPT, which highlights a number of benefits for each. Such benefits could drive up Everlodge’s and Solana’s value in 2024, which has put each project in high demand. 

Solana’s Bull Run Continues In December

Solana experienced several price surges in Q4. Despite many experts stating its growth would slow in December, the project has continued to increase in value, offering monthly returns of 22.65%. Now trading at $71.56, experts are predicting how high Solana could go before the end of the year. According to ChatGPT, it could rise above $80 due to three main factors. 

Firstly, Solana offers extremely strong fundamentals. The Solana blockchain is fast, scalable and secure, making it an attractive option for developers. Furthermore, its Proof of History consensus enables high transaction throughput, which is why Solana is more popular than many of its top competitors. 

Secondly, the Solana ecosystem is growing at an exponential rate. In 2023 Solana released a range of new projects. These included gaming platforms, DeFi applications and NFT marketplaces. This growing ecosystem makes Solana an extremely lucrative opportunity, as SOL’s value is likely to increase in line with the Solana ecosystem.

Lastly, ChatGPT praises Solana for its institutional adoption. Over the last year Solana has gained traction among hedge funds and investment firms, suggesting that Solana could be on the right path to gaining mainstream adoption. Such adoption could take Soana to new highs over the next year. 

With Solana continuing to perform strongly despite the recent crypto bull run slowing down, experts are confident that Solana could become one of the highest return investments in 2023. As a result investors are flocking to Solana, which at the time of writing had a daily trading volume of over $2 billion. 

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Everlodge Is A Top New Altcoin According to ChatGPT

ChatGPT highlights Everlodge as one of the highest potential new projects in 2024. Everlodge is a new DeFi project designed to revolutionize the holiday property market. Its marketplace lets investors fractionally invest in holiday homes, luxury villas and even hotels, with investments starting as low as $100. 

To invest, users can buy NFTs that represent ownership of a property. Each NFT is fractionalized, so investors can buy based on their budget. For example, buying 10% of a property, which has 10 owners in total. Investors will earn an income based on the amount of a property they own, allowing them to generate a number of passive income streams and build a diversified portfolio. 

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ChatGPT highlights that Everlodge also removes many of the traditional barriers to holiday home ownership. For example, no background or credit checks are needed, location is no longer a limitation and investors don’t need six figures to start.

As well as investment opportunities, Everlodge will also offer timeshares for ELDG token holders. These will work like traditional timeshares, with token holders earning a free stay in a property within the Everlodge ecosystem. 

Everlodge is currently in stage eight of its presale, and ELDG tokens are available for $0.027. With early Dogecoin investors buying ELDG tokens, experts believe they could be onto the next big crypto project, which is likely to offer significant returns for investors who get involved early. 

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