How Filmtech Startup, Filmmakers Mart, is Pioneering Tech Solutions to Logistics Challenges in the African Film and Entertainment Industry

February 1, 2024
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Nollywood stands as the world's second-largest film industry, making a significant 2.3% contribution to Nigeria's GDP as of 2021. Despite its global ranking, Nollywood faces challenges such as lack of cinema screens and quality control, a dwindling consumer market, logistics issues, finding reliable service providers and limited access to talents. In response to this, filmmakers within the Nigerian industry are embracing technology and establishing startups to tackle these issues head-on. 

Among them, Filmmakers Mart (FMM) has emerged as a transformative force, reshaping the logistics and production services in Nollywood. Originating in 2021 as Recce Solutions and subsequently rebranded as Filmmakers Mart in 2022, this online marketplace has become a game-changer for filmmakers and creatives. Filmmakers Mart offers a comprehensive one-stop-shop where filmmakers and content creators can effortlessly find and book services such as filming locations, logistics support, accomodation, transportation and hiring talent (Cast & Crew). With the platform's unique 'brief' feature, clients can send specific requests that aren't available on the platform, demonstrating the platform's commitment to delivering tailored solutions.

Founded by Eric Okyerefo, Igho Avuiroevarie, Chioma Paul-Dike, and Victor Tobi Awotidebe, Filmmakers Mart is the result of a collective passion to revolutionize the film and entertainment industry. Drawing on their experiences as filmmakers, the founders aimed to provide innovative solutions to address industry challenges. The mission of Filmmakers Mart is clear: to deliver seamless and verified services on an end-to-end markeplace for filmmakers and creatives. Their vision extends to becoming the leading global marketplace for the film and entertainment industry in Africa, emphasizing on customer centricity, passion, collaboration, and innovation. 

Establishing a solid foundation in Nigeria, Filmmakers Mart has expanded its impact through positive recommendations. With representatives extending support for production services beyond Nigeria, the company forsees a substantial presence in Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya in the near future, taking advantage of the unique opportunities each country offers. The impact of Filmmakers Mart on Nollywood's logistics is substantial, significantly reducing the time it takes to find and book services. They are providing filmmakers with more time to focus on their art. The company is also helping to create new opportunities for filmmakers, allowing them to take advantage of new markets and collaborate with more talented professionals. The platform's transparency and reliability have become hallmark features, streamlining the process for filmmakers. 

Service providers partnering with Filmmakers Mart have found a reliable avenue to showcase their offerings to a broader audience. The platorm serves as a dynamic marketplace where these providers, ranging from filming locations to logistics and talent, can effectively present their services to filmmakers and content creators. The streamlined process not only enhances visibility but also ensures seamless transactions. Filmmakers Mart's commitment to professionalism and innovation has been echoed by service providers, such as Jaekel House and Cleaneat Integrated Services, who have emphasized the platform's role in bringing the film community to their spaces. 

Filmmakers Mart is quickly becoming the go-to platform for filmmakers to access the services they need, from location scouting to finding their next logistics support. The company also offers a wide range of support services to help filmmakers the most of their resources.

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