Crypto Christmas Crackers with Bitcoin, Ethereum and HUH Token.

December 29, 2021
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The Christmas cheer is in full swing as the countdown to one of the biggest days of the year has begun, but with all that is going on in the world today, you might wonder how shopping this crypto Christmas season might differ from previous years and how to combat this somewhat possibly stressful time. 

This year, there is a gift that not only shortens cue times but also combats global environmental issues and is the hot new thing… and that might just be cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and HUH Token.

Though you’re probably either wondering who those trailblazing cryptocurrencies are and how they could benefit you this Christmas time and further on.

I’m here to give you a crypto guide to Christmas.

Bitcoin Baubles 

Jumping the ques is simple because shipping has become an overnight, next-day wonder but the buzz soon fades over that new coat, and it could be time to use Christmas time as a way of creating generational wealth. 

This could be possible with the likes of Bitcoin because it’s the founding father of cryptocurrency and therefore most commonly known… people might even refer to cryptocurrency by the name Bitcoin for that reason, though this is a misconception. 

The whale cryptocurrency was the first of its kind and revolutionised how the financial and economic world viewed currency as a whole and for that reason changed the face of investment and wealth. 

Bitcoin is one of the seasoned favourites on the cryptocurrency market and it’s no shock why. 

Bitcoin intends to be valuable and usable for its individual users by making the use of Bitcoin as simple as flashing a QR code for the transaction to occur. 

Bitcoin could keep your investment safe through a range of systems put into place by Bitcoin creators. 

Cryptographic Signatures should prevent others from spending your well-earned money (which is always great). This is completed over three stages of internal protection across the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (Cryptographic Signatures) private key, public key and signature. 

These three processes should ensure safety between transactions and all three are necessary for safety when using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin also removes the numerical aspect of your identity from its public transactions and data on the premise that no one can attack your Bitcoin account/wallet and use your credit or debit card information with malicious intent.  This is pretty nifty indeed, especially if you’re a person who dislikes purchasing over the internet…Bitcoin might have a solution for this.

Take a look at Bitcoin and you’ll be able to discern whether or not it’s the cryptocurrency Christmas fit for you.

Though remember, even the bigger whale cryptocurrencies are open to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market and so doing research into the cryptocurrency that catches your eye is always best.

Ethereum Essentials 

Ethereum is a utility cryptocurrency and its open-source blockchain has been used in many far-reaching and brilliant ways, which was how Ethereum’s creators intended it to be … even the likes of a trailblazing newcomer, HUH Token, use the Ethereum blockchain.

Though, why might investing in Ethereum this crypto Christmas be a great experience for you and how they endeavour to keep your money safe for years to come? 

When you visit the Ethereum web page there is a handy and detailed note of how to stay safe in the cryptocurrency world in general… with the likes of very strong passwords and the use of a password bank like Bitwarden and using hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor, which is all-important information. 

Amongst helpful links and scams to avoid in the cryptocurrency world Ethereum also uses Smart Contracts, which is one to potentially offer safety to an Ethereum holders’ investment… Ethereum has also introduced smart contract limits so that you have control over what money leaves and enters your wallet and for what transactions/purchases. 

By researching into Ethereum you might come across many other cryptocurrencies and altcoins that use Ethereum’s blockchain and it might be prudent to check those out as well because you never know what those cryptocurrencies might offer you that Ethereum never thought of.

HUH Token Hot Topics

As mentioned above, HUH Token have used Ethereum’s blockchain to create a multichain cryptocurrency that runs along with both Ethereum and Binance with the potential of offering HUH Token holders’ greater safety from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. 

Not only this but HUH Token, in their White Paper, explained that they will endeavour to have an always active Bug Bounty where they actively support and suggest that people raise any security flags to HUH Token’s creators and this is pretty nifty because it not only aids in having up to date security measures but brings the HUH community closer together. 

It seems, after some research and White Paper reading that HUH Token might be the safest altcoin on the market to date because it’s something that HUH Token creators are very serious about, though it seems that all cryptocurrency makers care for their holders. 

HUH Token also use smart contracts and LP acquisition amongst other things to potentially greater- protect HUH Token holders and you can find these in their White Paper. 

Crypto Christmas is in full swing but it’s up to you to know which cryptocurrency is the safer option this Christmas time and which one might offer you returns for generations to come. 

Learn More About HUH Token Here:

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