eNaira launches today, What stuttering truly is, crypto thefts in 2020

October 25, 2021
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Today I'm discussing:

  • International Stuttering Awareness Day
  • eNaira's launch today
  • Crypto thefts in 2020

eNaira launches at last

Naira Bitcoin 2

Following a false start at the beginning of the month, The Nigerian government is set to launch Nigeria’s central bank digital currency, the eNaira, today, Monday, October 25, 2021.

The launch, which was announced by the Central Bank of Nigeria in a press release, would be done by Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, at the State House in Abuja. 


Initially, the launch was slated to take place on October 1, 2021, but was postponed due to a clash in the lineup with independence day activities. 

The eNaira website, which went live on Monday, September 27, 2021, suffered downtime in the early hours of October 1 but eventually came back on at 8:14 a.m.

As a refresher, you can check out our explainer here: How Nigeria’s eNaira will work,

What led to the choice of a Barbadian company as a technical partner here: CBN looks to Barbados to design the eNaira, why not Nigeria?,

And some insights into using a private blockchain network here: eNaira: How much control does a private blockchain give the CBN?

What stuttering truly is

International Stammering Awareness Day

Several myths about stuttering exist across the world. From the somewhat logical to the superstitious, these reasons try to explain why people stutter.

On the African continent, for instance, some myths include wrong foods eaten by the mother in pregnancy, standing in front of a mirror, dog bites, tickling the baby too much, among others.

As funny as these myths seem, suggested remedies are even more hilarious, from standing in front of a mirror and speaking to oneself, to eating a fruit pecked by a bird, and maintaining correct posture, to mention a few. 

But science blows these myths out of the water

According to DoSomething.org, stuttering (or stammering, if you will) is a speech disorder that breaks up a speaker’s flow of speech. A biological and neurological condition, it is caused by one or more of four possible triggers, the first being genetics, and the others, child development, the make-up of the brain, and family dynamics.

But how has technology helped stutterers? Does it even help? Our Sub-editor, Precious Mogoli — after a long hiatus from the writing world — put finger to keyboard to help spark awareness about stuttering.

You’ll find it here: Technology is awesome, but it’s yet to conquer stuttering

Top 10 crypto thefts in 2020

Top 10 cryptocurrency thefts of 2020

In recent times, crypto adoption in Africa has increased. And despite obstacles like a crypto ban and refusals to acknowledge cryptocurrencies, usage has only grown

But just as fiat currencies can be stolen, cryptocurrencies also face the same issue.

According to Chainalysis, over $520 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen from services and individuals through hacks and non-technical attacks like social engineering and phishing efforts in 2020. 

Cryptocurrency crime is a concern for Africans, especially with countries like Nigeria, Togo, South Africa, Tanzania, and Ghana among the top 20 countries in the 2021 Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Index

Contained in the infograph above are the top 10 cryptocurrency thefts of 2020.

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Writer, Humanoid, Forever she/her, Lover of words. Find me on Twitter @OnomeOneyibo.
Writer, Humanoid, Forever she/her, Lover of words. Find me on Twitter @OnomeOneyibo.
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Writer, Humanoid, Forever she/her, Lover of words. Find me on Twitter @OnomeOneyibo.

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