Fincra, A Global Fintech Begins Operations With Payment Infrastructure For Businesses in Africa, Europe, and America.

by | Sep 29, 2021

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Fincra, a payments infrastructure for fintechs, platforms, and global businesses has launched this September. The company provides payment solutions that allow merchants who have been onboarded to accept payments securely, make global payouts in multiple currencies at a low cost with no hidden fees, and expand their business across borders.

Fincra offers innovative solutions for merchants through a suite of payments products with cross-border capabilities that includes: 

Quick payment collection for businesses from customers in the UK, EU, Nigeria, the US, and other African countries via virtual accounts in USD, GBP, EUR, and NGN, and easy settlement into their Fincra wallet with no hidden fees or the headaches of international banking. 

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Access to a mass payout network that operates in 7 currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, GHS, and ZAR, across 100+ countries for international transactions and domestic payments to bank accounts and mobile money wallets. Customers who have been onboarded have access to a merchant portal where they can make secure automatic single and cross-currency payouts in all supported currencies.

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Easy to integrate payment APIs for developers to innovate and fintechs to scale to their full potential and provide the best cross-border payment offerings to their customers. These APIs are designed to save cost and help launch financial products quickly, and are ideal for businesses that make frequent payments, require flexibility, and require control.

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Businesses are constantly confronted with numerous challenges when it comes to being able to make seamless cross-border payments. Some of these challenges include a lack of secure payment infrastructure, country-specific regulations, transactions taking several days to settle, hidden fees, and a host of others. Speaking of the significance of providing a payment infrastructure for platforms and  businesses , founder and CEO Wole Ayodele, said; “Fincra is removing the challenges associated with traditional payment processing methods by providing an integrated platform that puts revenue at the heart of every business operation. We are making it easy for businesses to scale across multiple markets by offering a simple, secure, low-cost way to receive and send money” 

Businesses in Africa, UK and US can onboard with Fincra and make it easier for anyone to send them money in multiple supported currencies securely, at low cost. 

The Fincra Tribe or the Avengers (as they fondly call themselves) consist of 30+ rock stars who are not afraid to push the boundaries of limitations in order to create innovative solutions to existing problems. The team remains inspired by knowing that they’re helping the global economy by taking out the friction that exists with the traditional methods of moving money. With Fincra’s mission of making it easier for businesses all over the world to transact digitally, the team is fully committed to going above and beyond for every customer. 

Fincra is secure, safe and based in Toronto, Canada and Lagos, Nigeria.  

Contact Fincra and stay connected with Fincra on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

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