[SPONSORED] TECNO CAMON 17 Pro: A creative nod to the selfie and the selfie culture

June 14, 2021
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A few weeks back, TECNO launched the TECNO CAMON 17 Pro smartphone, focusing on the selfie with a 48MP AI selfie camera and 90 Hz super-high refreshing rate at 6.8-inch FHD Screen. The brand showed sincerity in understanding their consumers’ needs, seeing as the pandemic era amplified people’s need for documenting personal memories.

It really is no surprise that the social phenomenon of selfies has gained momentum and has become central to how people express themselves and keep in touch with the world. Personally, I have taken more pictures, recorded more videos this past year than I have in years.

I guess that is why TECNO’s Camon 17 Pro stood out to me. It seemed to me like they were the first brand to put this behavioural shift into focus and offer a solution backed by the brand’s usual innovation and sweet price range.

So, today, I am going to be sharing the things I love about the Camon 17 Pro.

  1. 48MP AI Selfie Camera
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Like I already stated. The selfie camera of the Camon 17 Pro is one of the highlights of the phone. The 48 MP selfie camera captures the beautiful details in an elegant way even adding a professional finish. The embedded artificial intelligence (AI) technology’s algorithms elevate the pictures by identifying features based on gender. The algorithms also adjust the surrounding light to make me the focal point of the shot. The wide selection tools helped me personalize the images just as I wanted them portrayed. I was able to conceal blemishes on my face. There is also a tool that helped hide the dark circles around my face. 

  1. Camera LAB - The TAIVOS™ Imaging Laboratory

The TECNO CAMON 17 Pro comes with trademarked TAIVOS technology. TAIVOS, which stands for TECNO AI Vision Optimization Solution provides users with an unprecedented visual experience, especially in low-light environments. TAIVOS filtered out the image noise of my pictures quite nicely and optimized the images’ clarity. The end result of that were photos with enhanced night photography effects. 


One of my favourite things about TECNO’s TAIVOS™ is how it lets in more light and optimizes details against a low-light background, adding clarity to the photos. The camera literally found light for my pictures despite how dark the night was. The super night mode of the device delivered impressively.  

Apparently, TECNO has carried out much research to incorporate better technology on the Camon 17 Pro. And it shows in how grand the camera solutions are on the device. 

Of course, the camera features of the Camon 17 Pro aren’t all there is about the device. Here are some of the other features that ticks the boxes for me.

  1. Elegant Appearance with both Aesthetics and Functionality
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The 6.8-inch 1080x2460 FHD display of the Camon 17 pro provides incomparable clarity and is a feast for the eyes. Every edge feels sharper and every colour is brighter. These worked together to get me truly immersed in the high-definition video and intense games.  The 90 Hz super-high refreshing rate offered me a smooth, snappy and refreshing experience.

It is obvious that the appearance of the device was constructed with ample consideration of both practicality and aesthetics. TECNO made use of light and shadow, as well as accurately crafted nanoscale textures. I should also state how the optical coating incorporated makes the device fingerprint resistant.

The device comes in distinct California dream silver and Malibu blue colours. Its ergonomic design for easy hold, slim body and adjusted edges gives it a great look.

  1. Long Lasting Battery and Peak Performance
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Camon 17 Pro offers users the performance they deserve. Animations are smoother, games are more immersive, and networking is faster. The Media Helio G95 Processor contains an 8-core CPU with Hyper Engine game optimization, making it TECNO’s fastest chip yet, and at the same time still providing exceptional performance. Network optimization with the prediction engine allows for WIFI/LTE concurrence so my connection remained uninterrupted while gaming. 

With an enormous 5000mAh battery you do not have to worry about your phone dying during crucial moments. Furthermore, the TECNO CAMON 17 Pro comes with fast charging so, the TECNO CAMON 17 Pro will be ready to leave when you are.

  1. User Focused OS 7.6 System 

I specifically like how TECNO prioritised privacy with the Camon 17 Pro. The device allows users to use fingerprints to lock apps away and keep data as secure as possible. The phone also comes with a privacy film that ensures only the user looking directly at the screen can see what is being shown.

It’s One-click blockbuster feature allows the users to pick from professional templates to create dynamic and exciting albums to be played back for friends and family. The device makes sharing precious and fun moments a lot easier.

The Camon 17 Pro sells for N125,000 and is available in authorized stores nationwide. Good thing about buying the Camon 17 Pro as soon as you can is that you will be given the TECNO Buds 1 for free.

Here’s what you will be getting from the buds;

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Smooth Connectivity

I went through a seamless process of pairing the TECNO buds 1 to the Camon 17 Pro over a Bluetooth v5.0 connection. With your phone’s Bluetooth on, the earbuds are automatically seen and asks that you pair both devices. 

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Wireless Stereo Sound and Deep Bass

The TECNO Buds 1 has a deep bass effect that locks out noise and allows you enjoy every single sound be it music or movie.

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Easy User Experience with the Smart Switching Function

Let me say first that the buds fit perfectly into the ears and wouldn’t fall out easily. I especially love that I didn’t have to bring out my phone each time I had to do basic things like answer phone calls, or move a song to the next one. All I had to do was tap the touch sensitive buttons on the buds.  

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The TECNO Buds 1 comes with an interesting battery capacity. Each earbud has a 40mAh battery capacity that lasts over 4 hours. The charging case itself is 300mAh and delivers over 12 hours of charge to the earbuds.

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