Wetech on IWD’24: Inspire Inclusion 

March 18, 2024
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In the spirit of Women’s History Month, Wetech celebrated International Women's Day by showcasing an incredible video campaign with this year’s theme "Inspire Inclusion." This campaign featured inspiring women from our larger community with various technical backgrounds who are  breaking down barriers and making an impact in the tech industry. 

By sharing their stories, there’s the aim to bridge the gender gap and create an inclusive environment for every woman in tech, promote diversity, and enhance Wetech’s visibility in the industry. 

The inspiring and phenomenal women include, 

Mariam Adeoti who is a research and data analyst with a passion for using data to drive innovation and investment in emerging markets. Her background in economics and experience in data analysis, marketing, and community building make her a well-rounded problem-solver. Beyond her professional achievements, Mariam is committed to social development, having previously supported micro and small businesses and mentoring young girls in low-income communities.

Mariam Adeoti

Eunice Adewusi, a sophomore software engineering student at the African Leadership University in Rwanda. Through her initiatives– Female Youth Global Empowerment (FYGE) and the GRAWN Project, Eunice's commitment to empowering women in STEAM, promoting digital literacy, and combating climate change is evident. She has empowered over 38,000 youth in Africa and beyond, earning her recognition and nominations, including the United Nations Academic Impact Millennium Fellowship. Her mission is to empower young women in STEAM fields, foster inclusivity, and drive environmental sustainability for a better future.

Eunice Adewusi

Abisola Dawodu a dynamic product designer with over 2 years of experience, who is known for her intelligence and goal-driven approach when executing projects. She is a dedicated team player with a passion for creating meaningful user experiences. A self-taught designer, she excels in user research, and creating compelling interfaces using Figma and Adobe XD. Abisola's experience in taking a product from ideation to launch makes her a valuable asset for any organization.

Abisola Dawodu 1

Esther Eruchie is a visionary leader and passionate advocate for bridging the gap between technology and mental health in the African community. As the driving force behind "FriendnPal," the first AI Mental Health App in Africa, Esther is dedicated to addressing prevalent mental health gaps in underserved communities across the continent. With a clear mission to make a difference, Esther has touched the lives of over 50 young girls, 2000+ inmates in correctional facilities, over 100 youth through her tireless advocacy and mentorship, and impacting over 5000 lives including 200 young addicts through FriendnPal. Currently serving as the QA Lead at Landell Games in Sweden, Esther holds a Master's Degree in International Law and Diplomacy from the University of Lagos.

Esther Eruchie

Chidalu Onyenso is the founder and CEO of Earthbond, a climate resilience marketplace helping African SMBs transition to affordable, reliable, clean energy. She previously led products at Nerdwallet Small Business in New York and IBM Blockchain. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an AB in Political Economy from Princeton University.

Chidalu Onyenso

Chisom Nwokwu is currently a Software Engineer based in Lagos, working with the Sustainability Team at Microsoft. She is also a published author who recently released a book titled “A Techie’s Guide into Big Tech Companies” which serves as a complete roadmap for landing roles at international tech companies. Aside from engineering and with over 50+ speaking engagements, Chisom spends her time helping people build early careers in tech and land roles at top tech companies through speaking engagements, twitter-spaces and 1: 1 sessions.

Chisom Nwokwu

Temilade Adelakun is a product marketer at Google Sub Saharan Africa, leading strategic initiatives encompassing branding, positioning, and growth marketing for various Google consumer and Android products across the region. With a First-Class Honors degree in Mechanical Engineering, she champions STEM inclusion and digital literacy. Temilade aspires to leverage her expertise to nurture a thriving tech ecosystem in Africa. Her mission extends to empowering individuals with digital skills, fostering entrepreneurship, and advancing technology development to catalyze socio-economic growth across the continent.

Temilade Adelakun

Damilola Alabi is an operations and programs manager with a diverse background spanning over eight years of experience across multiple industries. Her career journey has taken her through the realms of hospitality, events management, marketing, and social impact. Previously, Programs Manager at Wetech, Damilola currently serves as Chief of Staff at VestedWorld, a venture capital firm specializing in early-stage investments in African businesses, She has demonstrated her commitment to driving positive change and fostering economic growth in emerging markets.

Damilola Alabi

Morayo Ojikutu, CEO of FLOW, advocates personal development and social-emotional learning. A Life and Happiness Coach, she blends positive psychology and social-emotional learning to empower youths. Morayo helps students understand values, set goals, and embrace growth mindsets. Her commitment fosters academic excellence, personal growth, and the development of young individuals into their best selves.

Morayo Ojikutu

The interview highlights various perspectives on inclusion, emphasizing the importance of embracing individuals regardless of social status and gender, collaboration, empowerment, and creating a safe environment where everyone's voices are heard and valued. Additionally, it underscores the significance of ownership in a community where every member feels like a leader, making decisions not just for themselves, but for the entire community.

The conversation revealed both the challenges and triumphs of women in tech. Some of the women shared stories of overcoming unconscious bias, like being addressed with a masculine title or facing skepticism about their technical abilities. Others offered valuable advice, emphasizing confidence and the importance of supportive communities like Wetech in navigating the tech industry as a woman. 

Showcasing the multifaceted appeal of tech careers for women, some mentioned the thrill of solving problems through technology, while others emphasized the continuous learning and growth opportunities the field offers. Abisola chimed in about the magic of witnessing a product go from concept to real-world use, while Esther highlighted the social impact that tech can create, like her work on mental health solutions with Friendnpal. 

When asked about the most challenging or stressful aspect of their current role, Esther mentioned that balancing a team across Africa and also balancing work and personal life has been a significant challenge for her. Eunice mentioned that learning and navigating codes and software languages had been challenging for her.

Responses from these experts in their various industries on the top skills and qualities that propelled their growth included curiosity, diligence, perseverance, having a growth mindset, effective communication and adaptability. Interestingly, Chidalu highlighted the importance of empathy in meeting people where they are and helping them. Diligence was also emphasized as being dependable and valuable. Temilade, on the other hand, credited her ability to analyze strengths as a product marketer and her agility in evolving strategies for her success.

The question that asked about the influence of women in tech communities like Wetech on one's journey in the tech industry garnered lively responses from the ladies. 

For Chisom, Wetech has played a pivotal role in her growth and success in the field. She recalled the first time she attended Wetech's conference at Landmark in Lagos last year, where she felt an overwhelming sense of excitement upon entering a room full of like-minded women who shared her passion and were eager to grow in the tech industry.

For Esther, being featured in Wetech's community spotlight of the year 2023 was a significant achievement. Esther, Adewusi, and Damilola emphasized that communities like Wetech provide support, networking opportunities, resources, mentorship, and career development, which have been instrumental in connecting them with women leaders, valuable insights, a sense of belonging, and sisterhood.

Morayo won the Wetech pitch competition last year and attributes her success to being part of a community that values and supports its members.

The video campaign sums up with some empowering advice for aspiring women in tech. The message is clear: determination, resilience, and self-belief are key. Their thoughtful and insightful responses leave a lasting impression, undoubtedly inspiring many to pursue their tech dreams.

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