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by | Dec 10, 2021

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Of the many fields in the creative sector, none have been able to build a community as formidable as the tech sector. Starting with Andela in 2014, tech companies have since dedicated their resources to helping tech talents grow. But within the many support initiatives that abound, one that stands alone in its unconventionality is the BuildUp campaign by Enyata.

Founded in June 2019 by Oladayo Oyelade, Enyata set out to achieve two things: to help businesses build innovative and sustainable solutions, and to foster a sustainable community for software engineers in Africa. 


In line with the company’s drive to building solutions, Enyata helps businesses realise their ideas by helping them develop and scale efficient products. But along with this, they aid developer growth within the tech community. This they do through the BuildUp and Academy programmes.

BuildUp aims to facilitate the growth of individuals in the tech community. To achieve this, they give out Macbooks to 50 tech talents to help them with their skills. Last year, the first edition was executed, and it was a major success as the feedback and impact on its winners can still be felt across the tech community. This and their continuous drive to create better opportunities for everyone has led them to announce the second edition of Enyata BuildUp.

Enyata BuildUp

Registrations have since begun on the official BuildUp website. Through this campaign, the company hopes to support developer growth.

“The goal is to equip the community with the most valuable resources, whatever it may be…” – Oladayo Oyelade (CEO, Enyata Software Engineering Limited).

Enyata Academy, on the other hand, is an intensive, free, 14-week software engineering program for anyone looking to launch a career in software. There, participants are mentored by senior engineers at Enyata, and they get to understudy experts working on global projects.


Outside of these, Enyata remains on a mission to provide value to the African ecosystem. Plans have been set to foray beyond Nigeria with Enyata Ghana at the forefront of this expansion. So far, the team has commenced operations and remains active in its recruitment process.

According to CEO, Oladayo Oyelade, “the plan is to ensure Enyata helps broadens the tech space beyond Africa. We want to build a world where great ideas, products, and companies come to fruition quickly whilst achieving the required impact. Our work is to facilitate the process, however we can.”

Considering how much difficulty many talents face when it comes to skill acquisition, the tech community needs as much support as they can get.

Ultimately, Enyata hopes to become, not only the preferred community for exceptional engineers in Africa but the biggest tech solution provider and in the very near future.
For more information regarding Enyata, you can refer to their website.

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