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September 9, 2021
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Tife has been saving to buy a house, As a 27-year-old Analyst for a Pension Company,  and plans to settle down and have a family by the time he is 31 years old. To do that, he plans to buy a comfortable home for his new family. 

He surveys a property worth buying in the new Ibeju lekki development area. It cost NGN11.99 million to be paid in a 24 months instalment. Tife Adenike earns about 4.2 million per annum. He estimates that he can save 1 million every year, increase his level of earning,  and buy a house in 5 years.

Tife has a plan, he is pumped up, and decides to create a monthly budget for his expenses and saving plans. Here’s what his budget look like;

Food and eating out : 100,000

Transport and uber: 50,000

Commitment & Giving: 50,000

He saves about  85,000 in his savings account and the rest of the money he uses to settle miscellaneous deals here and there.

Tife finds himself stuck in a rut that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. When he withdraws his money after a  year, the money is significantly lower than when he first put it in. In 2021, the prices of groceries and costs skyrocketed so much, it was cutting into his savings. 1.2 million save, cannot cover his payment plan for the property. In one year, coupled with the depression and the charges, his savings are not up to the payment plan. 

On a typical day, these are the transaction that takes place in Tife’s Savings account with a popular bank

Monthly savings: 85,000

Account Maintenance: 

SMS charges: 300 X 12

ATM charges 

Timestamps : 50 X 12 = 600

Naira in the Mud…

The annual inflation of the naira is at 15%, the value of the currency halves every six years. According to Stears Business. This means any returns from savings, investment or equity in the naira is defeated by double-digit inflation. This is what happens when you have a currency constantly sinking like it is being dumped in a quicksand 

What Does This Mean For You…

Keeping funds in a savings or fixed deposit account in naira is not likely to buy you the house of your dreams. It is like running against the wind, as your funds, and even interest accrued is not enough to beat the inflation rate and depreciation of the naira. 

Introducing Savings as it Should Be… 

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While scrolling online, Tife comes across Roqqu USDT savings. With it, he can convert his fiat currency to USDT, a stable coin that is pegged to the dollar and locks up his funds for a period of 12 months.

Here is what happens to Tife’s 1.2 million when he locked saved it in Roqqu USDT savings and how it compares if he had locked his funds in fixed deposit account 

Savings Account Roqqu USDT Savings 
Total Sum 1.2 million 1.2 million 
Interest Rate 3%15%
Account Maintenance Charges None 
Conversation2,344.07 USDT
Interest 351.61 USDT
Capital + Interest 2,695.7 USDT
Total Sum He withdraws 1,100,000 million 1, 377,492 million 

Saving your money in a current account is like burning your money in the bank. The third-party platform taking their charges, transfer an of dales costing more.  keeping your money in a system that constantly depreciates the value of your hard work, wouldn’t it be better to lock your funds periodically in Roqqu USDT savings? Register and earn a 15% interest when you lock your funds in Roqqu.   We would love to hear about your savings journey with Roqqu, share on social media & stand a chance to be our saver of the Month! 

Topic: How to Use the Roqquu USDT Savings Plan 

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If you are starting your crypto journey, you might find the idea of trading in coins that fluctuate day and night quite risky. Understanding that you might want a soft landing to begin your crypto journey, we created USDT Savings to allow you to start your journey by storing your funds in a coin that doesn’t fluctuate.

Roqqu USDT savings is a feature available for users where you can lock up funds for a period of time and earn interest on your locked funds. The best thing about our saving feature is that you can choose how long you want to lock your funds 

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With our versatile options,  you can create several plans for future projects like weddings and buying a house.

Balance Out  Your Portfolio…

To have a healthy investment portfolio, it is best to combine a high-risk investment with a low-risk investment to balance thugs out. For our experienced and more expert users, you can lock up a part of your funds, to prevent it from being affected by the fluctuations of the market. Another great use of our USFT savings is locking up your profits in USDT, that way, even when the market is down, you are unperturbed. 

Creating Your First USDT Savings...

Locking up your funds is an easy and very simple process. It requires basic knowledge of crypto and you can get it done in just 5 minutes. Ensure yu have a minimum amount of USDT in your wallet before starting and make sure you are a registered user of Roqqu 

Step 1: Click on the Savings Icon on the bottom tabs

Step 2: Click on “Add more” & chose how long you want to save

Step 3: Enter the amount you would like to save

(ensure you agree with the date your money will be released to you)

Step 4: Click on proceed and congratulations, you have locked your first fund

Your funds will be placed under lock and keys for the stipulated duration, if you would like to withdraw your funds before then, it would attract a fee of 3% of anything you have invested

Saving in USDT protects your money against devaluation and inflation. It is safer to convert funds to USDT which is a stable coin pegged to the Dollar. When you save your money in USDT, you stabilize it so that when your money is converted back to naira, it is if the same value

Benefits of Saving in USDT…

You might be asking yourself? Why should I store my money in Roqqu savings account if i can easily secure my money in a savings account in the bank. Like every good investor, you should weigh your options before making a decision and these are just some perks of why your money would do better in our USDT Account 

  • Enjoy up to 15% of interest per annum every time you save with us 
  • Zero charges no matter how long you lock your funds
  • Withdraw your USDT at any time & it is automatically funded in your wallet 
  • Choose the duration of your locked funds, 3 months, 6 months, a year 

And let’s not add how your funds actually keep growing to the value of the dollars, protected from devaluation & deflation.  What do you say? Start saving the right way, using stable coins.  

You can buy USDT directly from our platform, with as little as 20 USDT you can open your savings account and start saving  with us.

Visit, download our app on Play Store and App Store.

Roqqu Dey for you!!

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