Bitcoin investment in Nigeria through Bitkoin Africa

December 5, 2017
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Cryptocurrencies are the biggest technology and financial markets craze of 2017. It’s almost impossible not to be in finance or tech this year and not have about blockchain and digital tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

For the techies, blockchain is a powerful network - allowing almost instant financial transactions across the world with low fees and without regulation or gridlocks. For the finance guys and investors, Bitcoin is a massive cash cow. In the last decade, no asset has delivered return on investment like Bitcoin has. In just one year, the value of Bitcoin has grown over 890% and is currently trading at over $11,000.

Bitcoin investors however, are after profit. With the growth in value of Bitcoin over the years, the speculative game is in favour for Bitcoin investors. The reward is worth the risk. And of course, like every good speculator, the advice is do not bet the whole house on this. How does one get started on investing in Bitcoin?

We recommend taking a small percentage of capital and trading Bitcoin in a strict 30 day window. For instance Bitcoin has grown 52% in the last 30 days. So if you had taken a million naira, or a hundred thousand and bought Bitcoin on November 1, 2017, by today you would be be N520,000 or N52,000 richer. And then you sell that off, keep your profit and buy only with your original capital again. As your capital grows, you can slowly increase your invested amounts. And of course any losses when Bitcoin swings lower would be covered by the profits you already took, in which case you can buy more Bitcoin and ride it as it bounces back up.

The best part about Bitcoin is that you don’t need to own 1 BTC. With just 0.01 BTC, you can begin your investment in this unique digital currency.

bitkoin africa

Where can investors and technology enthusiasts buy and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria? We tried hard to find a platform that was secure, safe and fast enough to execute high-frequency trading. When we couldn’t find one, we built Bitkoin.Africa. Bitkoin Africa is a Bitcoin trading platform designed to allow you buy and sell Bitcoin as safely as possible, without any of the hassles of faceless exchanges and with fully verified and authenticated third parties. Every trader on the platform is verified via email, phone number, and BVN to prevent fraudulent individuals from trading. We also escrow every transaction so that your money or Bitcoin is never at risk.

Bitcoin purchases can be made via Debit Card or Bank Accounts. While payments for sellers are deposited into your bank account at the fastest speeds possible. Outside of Nigeria but want to cash in? You can buy Bitcoins from any country and transfer to an existing wallet .

Bitkoin Africa goes a step further and allows traders set the price of BTC at market price via a unique dynamic pricing feature. This ensures you can go to bed at night and not have to worry about changing prices of your trades due to market fluctuations.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a coming revolution and are still just at the beginning stages. The returns will be huge for those who invest now. Visit today to begin.

For beginners, please read through the Bitkoin Africa blog and help site for guides on how to get started.

Disclaimer: This article simply serves as a guide to Bitcoin and is not to be read as guaranteed investment advice. The author and Bitkoin Africa do not take any responsibility for the trading of and the volatility of Bitcoin or any other investment vehicles.

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