Experience banking beyond limits with the One Bank App

June 25, 2020
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What do you think makes a great banking app? While you consider that, have you ever reimagined banking? Has it ever occurred to you that you can discover a dynamic way to live without limits just by being signed up on an innovative banking app?

For every individual in today’s world, seamlessly aligning aspirations with lifestyle is a goal that is constantly striven for. We all need the flexibility and access to save, borrow, invest, transact, pay bills and earn without breaking our backs. That sounds like a tall order but those are the remarkable features of the OneBank App, introduced by Sterling Bank.

Let’s begin with the ability to save without worry. It’s not enough to have financial goals if there is no plan in place to save. To make it as simple and effortless as it can get, the OneBank app enables you to set unique savings plans. Now, if you need to take your savings a notch higher and make investments, the app has you covered on all sides.

You can enjoy investing with Double - an investment product by Sterling and get 100% of your capital. You can choose a preferred investment plan that suits your needs and matches your earnings. You also have the option to create a targeted investment plan for specific future projects. How about if you desire to add investment in foreign currency to your portfolio? That is equally taken care of with the Dollar investment account, which you can conveniently fund with Naira.

The investment feature also allows you to get the latest stocks information. How is that possible?  The dynamic news feed section keeps you updated with current news. In addition to the mentioned options, the app enables you to make quick transfers to both local and foreign accounts. In a situation where you need cash but don’t have your ATM card on you, you can also do cardless withdrawals by initiating a prompt on the app. When it comes to foreign transactions, the days of having anxiety before hitting the “Send” button are over. The app helps you view forex rates before every transaction.

The OneBank app also comes with a biometric login feature that keeps your app secure while you worry less about passwords. This isn’t all there is to the security features of the app. In the case of theft or loss of your card, you can easily block it within the app, and if circumstances ever need you to protect your funds from prying eyes, the OneBank App is built to hide your account balance based on preference.


The best part is that you don’t even have to be a Sterling Bank customer to get started with OneBank. You can open a new fully operational Sterling Bank account all by yourself in minutes straight from the app. No paperwork required. No back and forth trips to the bank. Talk about convenience.

100 Lead Visual 1Finally, there is an app that allows you to discover yourself and live beyond limits. OneBank isn’t just a banking app, it is a lifestyle. It is a fully virtual bank brings you convenience and enables you to focus on a new way to live in the fast-paced digital world of today. You can download, create a profile and start banking instantly.

The app is available on the Google Play Store and the IOS store. Click here to find out more and download the app.

What makes a great banking app?

OneBank by Sterling.

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