Pouvoir 4; Welcome the Battery King

by | Jun 12, 2020

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On top of all the outstanding features that come with Pouvoir 4, we are blown away by the battery capacity it offers; a whopping 6000mAh! You might need to take a moment to take that in. 6000mAh! That definitely has to be the battery king.

Over the years, the smartphone has become a crucial component of our everyday lives. To say that our phones are our Robo Assistants, who we feel handicapped without, is an understatement. A smartphone has become so essential in our daily lives, that we sometimes can’t even function at 100% without it. In actual fact, the smartphone powers up our days, but only as long as its battery doesn’t die. Let’s break it down. In what ways exactly does our phones influence our lives daily;

Smartphones Have Become Our Lives’ Sole Entertainment Hub 

Smartphones have become the sole entertainment hub so much such that without it, it would seem like our life took a sad, empty pause and wouldn’t kick back into action until our phone kicks back on. Now, take a minute to imagine how different things will be with a 6000mAh battery. Your life never has to take a pause.

For TV series and movie lovers, now you can spend hours of movie time on your phones without having your screen suddenly go blank on you due to low juice. Just imagine the movie marathons you can embark on now!

If movie marathons are not your thing, do you like to play games? Then your gaming experience just took a huge turn of glee. With 6000mAh you can crush and crash and win on and on without having to shut down a round because of low battery. Moreover, Pouvoir 4 has a super large display that brings dynamic game visual experience. Also, its best screen ratio brings you cinema level shock experience.

Smartphones Have Become Cornerstones for Business Owners

For business owners, the benefits of a 6000mAh are endless. As a business owner, you can be on the move all day, keep tabs on your business and of course your money for as long as you like. You won’t be in the dark or left stranded for any amount of time because your phone will not need to take a shut-eye on you. What’s more, you will not have the need to log around a power bank with you all around.

For those who commute often, you need your Google Maps to stick with you so you don’t somehow end up on the other side of the country. Maybe you have even been in an awkward situation where you needed to send a crucial information out to a prospective client but couldn’t because your phone was dead. Well, with a 6000mAh battery, that will never happen again. Your phone will be the dependable ally you need it to be.

The benefits go on and on. But the bottom line is that with Pouvoir 4, you can do all the things you love to do for a much longer time without having to think about running out of juice.

Brand Press
Brand Press

This Brand Press article wasn’t written by Techpoint Africa’s editorial team. To promote your brand via Brand Press, please email business@techpoint.africa.

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