Jelurida introduces a Node Reward Programme that runs for six (6) months

by | Apr 15, 2020

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Jelurida introduces an interesting incentive for blockchain enthusiasts and experts to earn while staying safe at home; a program as easy as powering up their Android phones. 

Jelurida, a Swiss-based blockchain software company has been delivering value for developers and users since 2013 on Nxt blockchain as Ardor was introduced in 2018 with numerous features.

With lots of inbuilt features and even over 250 APIs to play around with, properly documented for learners to interestingly develop themselves. Coupled with lots of partnerships, the Ardor platform’s entire blockchain then fits on an Android device enabling anyone to join the network, stake and earn rewards with simple Android mobiles.

What’s more, every node now gets the opportunity to earn rewards in the ongoing 6-month duration 10,000 Ignis giveaway for running Ardor and Nxt blockchain nodes.

On the first of April 2020, Jelurida made the announcement to give all users running Ardor and Nxt full nodes an equal chance to win Ignis tokens. A total of 10,000 Ignis tokens will be distributed daily for 6 months, 5000 on Nxt and 5000 on Ardor.

Compared to the date of the announcement, the amount of nodes have increased. At present, the Ardor blockchain has 584 online nodes, 381 open nodes, 342 API nodes and 281 archival nodes ( and Nxt blockchain having 588 online nodes, 292 Open nodes, 302 API nodes, and 210 public archival nodes (

While staying at home, a lot of our community have been earning rewards ever since.

The major goal for this asides from giving people more to do, learn and opportunity to improve while staying at home is also to increase to number of public nodes on our blockchain.

Practicing a truly decentralized setup requires absolute transparency. Feel free to review our lightweight smart contract that automatically selects one of the registered nodes and submit a reward transaction to the reward account published by the node. Time to put your android phone, laptops, Raspberry Pi among others to use and earn while you’re staying safe.

Find out more details on this here: Node Rewards tutorial.

You can also submit your questions, opinions among others on our helpdesk channel or our slack (request an invite here). Remember, the higher your node up time, the better your chances to receive a reward.

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This Brand Press article wasn’t written by Techpoint Africa’s editorial team. To promote your brand via Brand Press, please email

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