How Page Financials is helping Nigerians meet up with the rising cost of living via convenient loans

May 11, 2021
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The Consumer Price Index in Nigeria stood at 372.5 in March 2021, recording a 18.17% increase when compared with March 2020. This means that the inflation has been constantly increasing in the last months, and there is no clear sight of it slowing down anytime soon.

Foreign exchange has also seen an all time high of up to NGN490 exchanging for a US dollar, affecting the prices of virtually everything that directly or indirectly depends on any form of foreign input for production or distribution. 

This economic downturn is being felt by everyone, the prices of virtually everything from food and other basic amenities to luxuries have surged.

Hard times like this can quickly put your finances under serious strain, putting you in a tight condition of trying to keep your savings and investments (for those that have one) secure for the unforeseen future, while meeting the growing needs of everyday expense.

Salaries are hardly enough to meet up with the rising cost of daily living, let alone sponsor those projects and goals you had planned for the year.

To navigate these times, it becomes pertinent to have a solid financial backup system that can support you to cushion the effects of these unprecedented hike in prices, a system that can help you stay confident, undistracted and pursue your dream.

But how do you find a dependable financial services provider that is innovative to suit your dynamic financial needs, responds quickly to meet the urgencies that your financial needs demand – all at your convenience?

Looking at the current economic challenges that Nigerians face daily, Page Financials shines a glimpse of hope haven refreshed her rich financial services delivery to private sector employees and extended her loan services to public sector employees. 

With Page Financials, you can now get a loan of up to N5 Million in a day whether you are working in the private or public sector with the Federal Government. This money can be used to take care of your immediate needs and you have up to 12 months to repay. 

Page customers can access loans of up to N5 Million as long as you have been actively employed for up to 6 months – for private sector employees, and up to 3 months for Federal civil servants. 

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How To Apply For a Quick Loan With Page

Applying for a Page Loan is super easy, everything happens online and you don’t need to visit their office. 

To begin the application, click here to visit the website as a private sector employee or click here to visit the application page for public sector employee

The application process is in stages, at each stage, you’ll supply relevant information that helps make a decision to approve your loan.

(See requirements for each category below)

You can upload all the documents online while filling the form so you do not have to worry about carrying files from one office(er) to another.

The first stage you will encounter while filling the application form is the BVN and IPPIS verification phase.  You will be required to provide these details to help us to verify your identity and financial standing.

Loan Requirements for Private Sector Employees

To be considered eligible for a loan as a private sector employee, it is required that:

  1. You earn a monthly salary (minimum 150k monthly)
  2. You have up to 6-months’ salary account statement
  3. You live/work in Lagos or Ibadan (bankers nationwide can apply)
  4. You have a valid work ID from where you work or an evidence of employment or promotion
  5. You have a BVN that is actively connected to your working mobile number

Some of the items above will be retrieved automatically when you begin the application, it usually takes customers less than 3 minutes to complete the application if they have the requirements ready.

To apply as a private sector employee click here

Loan Requirements for Public Sector Employees

To be considered eligible for a loan as a Federal Government Civil Servant, it is required that:

  1. You have your work ID
  2. You have a valid Government issued ID
  3. You have at least 3 months’ payslips
  4. You will present a signed letter of authority to debit (the letter is available for download on our website)

To apply as a public sector employee, click here

You Have An Edge With Page Financials

The current financial times won’t last forever but while they are here, you need not put your life on hold. 

To make sure that customers have access to money as quick as possible and avoid any third-party delays, Page release the money directly into the customer’s Page account immediately after approval.

If you have the Page card, you can begin to spend the money immediately, or you can use the mobile app(download if you haven’t already) to transfer the money to any account number of your choice.

Another fascinating thing about transacting with Page is that transfer charges are FREE. 

You can send money to your other bank accounts or to friends and relatives or even business partners and colleagues, and you will not pay a kobo on transaction charges. We have been championing ZERO charge on transfers and bill payments for years. 

The Page customer service is available 24/7 and you can contact Page via a number of channels viz; Live Chat on the Page Mobile App, Live Chat on the website (, social media accounts (@pagefinancials), Google chat (on Search Result Page), email (, and phone call (o17007243).

So, do you need a quick loan to get things back on track? Are you running late on booking that flight? Is salary taking longer than expected? Or maybe house rent came a bit earlier than you anticipated – you are in luck because Page can disburse up to N5 Million in loan to you today which you can repay conveniently in as much as 12 months.

Visit to apply or call 017007243 to get more info, you can also send an email to to get started.

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