GIGM is now GIG Mobility, Ghana expansion in the works

by | Sep 18, 2019

If you follow GIGM on any of its social media accounts, you may have noticed it replaced ‘Motors’ with ‘Mobility’ in its official name. The new name, GIG Mobility, though seemingly a slight change, is quite a big deal for the company.

You may recall that GIGM’s in-house end-to-end tech solution is aptly called GIG Mobility. So, according to GIGM chief operating officer, Vuakpor Muoghereh, it is only natural that they take on the new name.

“Over the years, GIGM has transitioned from a transport company to a transport platform, she told Techpoint over a recent phone chat, “We wanted a name that projects our identity as a true technology company enabling transportation without any limits or boundaries.”

GIGM 8 of 31

GIGM’s, ICU monitoring hub, an element of its GIG Mobility system

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On the backdrop of this, Muoghereh also revealed to Techpoint that GIGM is already on course for an expansion to Ghana, its first major international move yet.

To be clear, this is not simply a regular activation of the Lagos-Accra route. No, GIGM is going full-scale intercity within Ghana, a first for any international transport company operating in the country.

“Not only that, we will also be the first company in Ghana to power intercity/state/region transportation with the use of technology end-to-end,” Muoghereh is quick to emphasise.

GIGM Ghana is scheduled to kickoff operations in the second week of October with Ghana’s two most populous cities — Accra and Kumasi. Other cities will follow accordingly.

GIGM will no doubt have to contend with fierce local competition but Muoghereh is confident of their prospects.

“Ghana has a rich market that is yet to be fully explored. Road transportation accounts for over 90% of the passenger traffic in the country. With our ‘customer first’ approach and reliance on technology, we are certain we will get a sizeable market share of the travelling population,” Muoghereh highlights.

One primary way which GIGM will accelerate the Ghana expansion is through its Enterprise Partner (EP) platform, which will enable local players and investors leverage GIGM’s technology on a revenue-sharing basis.

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If you think about it, everything somewhat goes back to the change of name. The sentiment is echoed in the words of Chidi Ajaere, Executive Chairman of the GIG Group, under which GIGM is a subsidiary.

“To dominate a sector, a business must have the capacity to scale rapidly. Our new identity, enables us evolve quickly, while continuously disrupting the status quo,” he explained in a follow-up conservation with Techpoint.

Where next for GIGM after Ghana? Definitely an East African country, Ajaere hints.

“Our aim is to change the way transportation is done in Africa with key focus on the inter state/city space, one country at a time,” he concludes.

UPDATE [November 25, 2019]Nigerian mobility giant, GIGM launches intercity and international transport services in Ghana

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