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ICP.Hub Sahara Empowers West African Developers with Innovative Hackathons

March 12, 2024
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ICP.Hub Sahara, the official hub for Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) in West Africa, is proud to announce several ongoing hackathons aimed at fostering technological innovation and developer empowerment across the region. In collaboration with esteemed partners such as Covenant University, TechyJaunt, Google Developer's Group Akure, and CDIN (Cryptography Development Initiative in Nigeria), these hackathons are providing invaluable opportunities for aspiring developers and startups to showcase their talent, develop solutions, and compete for exciting prizes and grants.

1. ICode Cohort at Covenant University:

ICP.Hub Sahara, in collaboration with Covenant University, is currently hosting the inaugural cohort of ICode. This two-week intensive program aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to develop more than 40 projects on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) while also certifying developers for their expertise. As the program enters its sixth day, participants are immersed in a dynamic learning environment, poised to make significant strides in their technical abilities.

2. InnovateCampus Hackathon with TechyJaunt:

The InnovateCampus Hackathon, conducted in partnership with TechyJaunt, has garnered significant interest with over 55 teams formed to deploy unique solutions. With seven days remaining, participants are fervently working to develop innovative projects that address real-world challenges, showcasing the depth of talent and creativity present in West Africa's developer community.

3. Hack and Earn Challenge:

The ongoing Hack and Earn Challenge invites developers to delve into the intricacies of ICP documentation, deploy their canisters, and submit their creations for a chance to win cash prizes and eligibility for grants. This initiative not only encourages hands-on learning but also incentivizes developers to explore the capabilities of the Internet Computer Protocol.


4. HackSphere in Collaboration with Google Developer's Group Akure:

In partnership with the Google Developer's Group Akure, the HackSphere initiative continues to provide a platform for teams and developers to join forces and tackle complex problems. With opportunities for skill development, networking, and mentorship, this hackathon is fostering a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration and innovation.

5. ICP DecaHack Initiative:

The DecaHack Initiative, spanning four months, culminates in "the Pitch" event scheduled for the 29th at the Nigerian Army Resource Center in Abuja. This grand finale celebrates the achievements of over 15 startups from six universities across four states, showcasing their innovative solutions and entrepreneurial spirit. With the support of governors, ministers, director generals, and other dignitaries, the DecaHack Initiative highlights the transformative power of technology and entrepreneurship in driving socioeconomic development.

ICP.Hub Sahara recognizes the importance of these hackathons in nurturing talent, fostering collaboration, and driving technological innovation across West Africa. By partnering with CDIN, the hub is committed to providing a supportive ecosystem where developers can thrive and contribute to the advancement of the region's digital landscape.

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