Surge in Crypto Presales: Pikamoon Secures $4.5 M, Shiba Memu Aims for $5M, While BlockDAG Sets $600M Mark in 2024

January 18, 2024
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In today’s fast-paced world of crypto, a recent trend has caught the attention of investors in the market: the surge in the popularity of crypto presales. With the opportunity of presales, you can add digital assets to your investments at discounted prices. While diversifying your portfolio, you get a better chance to stand out at the right time.
In this article, we’ll explore how the presales affect the crypto landscape and how the top 3 projects, Pikamoon (PIKA), Shiba Memu (SHMU) and BlockDAG Coin (BDAG), are doing in their presales. Let’s explore what your priorities should be as a savvy investor.

Pikamoon Secures $4.5M in Presale 
Pikamoon is currently in its 3rd phase of presale, offering enthusiasts the opportunity to obtain Pikamoon, the native currency of Pikaverse. By owning the Pikamoon, users can mint a complementary top gem known as PIKA NFT and use this NFT to engage in battles within the world of Pikaverse. If the users win these battles, there’s a success reward of $PIKA, the in-game currency.

You can earn rewards to buy instrumental products in the PIKA marketplace through this in-game currency. Almost 27,018 minted NFTs in Pikaverse are secured for the token holders as gifts. With play-to-earn P2E gaming scenarios and AAA Gaming experience, you can now have a chance to enhance your crypto experience.

Shiba Memu Aims for $5M
Shiba Memu, a revolutionary meme token, has raised an impressive $4M+ amount. Shiba Memu has numerous unique features, including a Driven approach and a self-sufficient mechanism. Unlike others, it can create marketing strategies and optimise them.

With its innovative AI Dashboard, investors can directly interact with AI, providing reasonable feedback and inquiries with an interactive experience. This innovative approach transforms the user experience, enabling direct communication with a robot. Offering features like image and video recognition, sentiment analysis, predictive analytics, etc, sets it apart.
Despite its innovative approach, potential drawbacks can arise from the overreliance on AI, as there’s a need for a balance between automation and human oversight.

BlockDAG Coin Hits $1M in 24 Hours
BlockDAG’s presale has already surged ahead, amassing an impressive $1 million within the initial 24 hours, signalling strong investor interest. Inspired by Kaspa and Bitcoin, BlockDAG employs the Proof of Work consensus mechanism, setting it up for mainnet launch in 6 months.
With a visionary target of $600M in 2024, BlockDAG stands out from its competitors by offering four income streams. It includes Coin Investment Strategy, Mobile Mining Convenience, Dedicated Miner Units, and Trade Miners.
BlockDAG’s platform features a user-friendly user ecosystem, allowing you to do home or mobile mining in an energy-sufficient and secure way. With its introduction of the X Mining Series, it is proving its ability to enhance the user experience with diverse income-generating options.
Currently priced at $0.001, BlockDAG offers a 10% bonus for referred investors to increase community growth, and on top of that, early supporters are promised a 10x return on investment. Backed by tangible product launches, BlockDAG emerges as a top-notch project, combining financial promises with practical solutions.

The Closing Thoughts
In short, the recent surge in crypto presales has showcased the growing interest and investment in the blockchain space. Notable examples include Pikamoon and Shiba Memu.
However, the project that stands out from all is BlockDAG coin, which has gained $1 million within 24 hours and set a goal of $600M by 2024. BlockDAG not only promises a high return on investment but also has the potential to compete at a higher level.
BlockDAG emerges as a strong contender that will surprise people with its performance. So why not get started with it today?

Stay Tuned to the BlockDAG Coin website!

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