After detty December, comes school fees January [SPONSORED]

January 14, 2020
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“Guy! Why you just dey long face anyhow?! It’s the first working day of the year, pretend to be excited at least.”

My friend Dapo remarked as we rode to work in his car that fine Thursday morning. It was January 2nd and my organization like most others in Lagos had resumed right after the New Year celebrations.

Only I wasn’t exactly in a celebratory mood. As I left the house that morning, Deola, my 5-year-old daughter had grabbed my pinky finger to remind me about the new Frozen school bag she wanted. Frozen school bag when I hadn’t even raised the money to pay school fees for her and her brother this term.

I had just made some major expenses in December and it recently dawned on me that I might have skipped some vital things to do in January.

“Tunde, wetin happen now? Person die?!”

Dapo again interrupted my forlorn thoughts with his questions.

At first, I was reluctant to share my troubles with him but I had run out of options on how to raise this money. Maybe Dapo could even be of help if he knew…

“Person no die o! Na broke I broke abeg, I no kill person.”

So, I told Dapo that school resumes on Monday and I am not ready to send my daughter back to school because of lack of funds at the moment. I tried to explain how Detty the December had been and how I miscalculated with my expenses...

“There’s really no need for all the explanations, we have all been in this situation” Dapo interjected.

He continued… “I was in this same position a few days ago, but I have fixed it, in fact as we speak, Page Financials has given me the complete funds to take care of all the back to school requirements of my 3 children.”

I was amazed, wanted to know more. So, he told me about how he needed money urgently to sort some pressing family issues, and that all he did was contact Page Financials and he got a loan within 3 hours, I didn’t believe him because I thought that getting a loan demanded some tedious documentations and certain form of securities which I didn’t believe I had.

Dapo was confident that I could get the loan because he just did, he went ahead to say that my employment is all the security I might need to access the loan.

“This is too good to be true!” I thought out loud. He insisted I gave it a shot, to end the argument, we agreed that I would try it since there was no other option in view, and time was closing in on me.

I visited their website and started the application. It was easy for me to complete in less than 5 minutes because I had all the requirements which my friend had already told me about.

To my surprise, I got an email shortly after completing my application, the mail was confirming my application, later on, I got another email congratulating me and making me an offer which I read through, accepted and confirmed by replying to the email.

You needed to see the vibration of joy that entered with me to the office that day.

In a nutshell, without any stress of jumping from one place to another or carrying file from officer to officer, I got the money needed to send my children back to school that same day.

The joy on their faces when we dropped them off at school on Monday was unequalled, Deola in particular couldn’t stop talking about her new Frozen school bag.

Are you like Tunde and worried about how to get your children back to school this January? 

With loans of between N200k to N5Million obtained in less than 3 hours, Page Financials is here to help you meet all your financial obligations.

Visit or call 016317243 now to get a loan in less than 3 hours. You can also send an email to and you will be guided on how to proceed with your application.

Whatever you do this year, wherever you go, however you would like to enjoy yourself, just know that you can turn to Page when it’s Time to Pay and you won’t be disappointed.

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