For advancing energy equity, HiTHIUM launches the Hero EE solution

January 2, 2024
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On December 12th, HiTHIUM launched an affordable, reliable, and sustainable modern energy product, Hero EE for energy-poverty people on the HiTHIUM Eco-Day themed "Grand Trio for the New World".

Hero EE, Born for Energy Equity

According to the United Nations Office, the annual electricity consumption is only 212 kWh per capita among the least developed countries (LDCs), which is 7% of that globally. There are still 732 million (101 million households) living below the energy poverty line without access to consistent electricity. At the current developing pace, 8 percent of the global population (about 660 million people) will still have no access to electricity at all by the year 2030. It remains a huge challenge to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7) which calls for "ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all by 2030".

With the significant advancements of photovoltaic and lithium-ion battery energy storage technologies, distributed generation energy system offers an energy-independent and self-sufficient solution which becomes an economic option among less developed regions. Moreover, those energy poverty regions without centralized power generation and long-distance transmission are more receptive to distributed energy resource(DER)systems.

Hero EE is a particularly dedicated DER product to addressing the energy supply problems for energy poverty people. The Hero EE 1 kWh system with one PV module, one battery energy storage system, and one intelligent networking platform can provide power supply for 80 hours of lighting, 20 hours of fan, 10 hours of TV, and 89 times of mobile phone charge. Most importantly, Hero EE helps energy-poverty people to earn more by extending their workable time and learning more for a bright future by improving their studying conditions.

Hero EE 1Kwh

Opening a new chapter of the "modern energy supply" for energy-poverty families

Hero EE employs the high-grade battery cells of HiTHIUM for energy storage ensuring superior safety and reliability with more than 10 years of lifespan. With a minimalist design and extremely high level of integration, Hero EE weighs only 7.5 kilograms. Hero EE has 3 interfaces one DC input for PV charging, one AC input, and one off-grid AC output. Moreover, the LCOE during the whole life cycling of Hero EE is as low as $0.05, which is far below the utility electricity price in energy poverty regions. Therefore, Hero EE is a truly affordable, reliable, and sustainable distributed clean energy solution.

Ms. Abimbola Olufore Wycliffe, the head of the Investment and Technology Promotion Office (IPTO), UNIDO in Nigeria, once emphasized the current energy challenges and urgency of access to clean energy in Africa. She also stressed that battery energy storage systems are the future fuel and valuable asset in Nigeria.  Ms. Abimbola Olufore Wycliffe believes that Hero EE products will play a vital role in propelling Nigeria towards decarbonization and promoting local economic growth. She looks forward to the improvements brought by Hero EE which would allow energy-poor families to enjoy the more comfortable and quiet life. Lastly, Ms. Abimbola Olufore Wycliffe declared that UNIDO ITPO Nigeria will actively support the local partnerships of HiTHIUM and Nigeria which will exemplify the global cooperation of sustainable energy solutions.

As a member of the UN global compact, HiTHIUM's mission is to provide energy-poverty families with an affordable, reliable, sustainable distributed clean energy solution. Letting green energy benefit all and achieving final energy equity are our visions. At the same time, we also call on more like-minded friends to join us. Let us work together for energy equity for energy poverty people and realize SDG7 as soon as possible.


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HiTHIUM is a leading manufacturer of top-quality stationary energy storage products for utility-scale as well as commercial and industrial applications. With four distinct R&D centers and multiple “intelligent” production facilities, HiTHIUM’s innovations include groundbreaking safety improvements to its lithium-ion batteries as well as increases in lifecycle. HiTHIUM is based in Xiamen, China, with further locations for production, research, or sales in Shenzhen, Munich, Dubai, and California. HiTHIUM has shipped 17 GWh of battery capacity.

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