Democratizing and Digitizing Influencer-Marketing: AdTech Platform APVERTISE launches

by | Nov 1, 2021

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Apvertise, a UK-based tech startup, is launching the beta version of, an influencer- marketing platform and ecosystem that is digitizing, monetizing and

democratizing the otherwise monopolized influencer-marketing by bringing the marketers and influencers of all sizes (nano-, micro- and the mega-influencers) onto one platform, the marketplace. 

Marketers (Apvertisers) create digital campaigns on, set budget based on the volume of engagements and impacts desired, indicate the preferred social media platforms, the preferred influencer type(s) etcetera. The relevant influencers get alerted by as soon as the campaign is created. 

As many relevant influencers, as are interested in spreading the brand story, can simply share the campaign on as many social media platforms as they desire. The influencers get paid per impression/click that they are able to generate in their network of followers on any of the mainstream social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, WhatsApp etc. 

Apvertise CEO, Yinka Daramola and the CTO, Tope Olakunle, describe as a lightbulb in the darkroom of the overly monopolized and inefficient influencer-marketing. 

According to the CEO, “the mission of is to alleviate today’s traditional influencer-marketing challenges: fake following is addressed and setting the right budget is now possible because only actual clicks (impacts) are paid for; cost-inefficiency and saturation rate will decline (while engagement will soar) because the complexity of finding, communicating, contracting and monitoring influencers are now fully digitized” 

The CTO added that vision is to “equitably democratize, digitize and monetize influencer- marketing globally”. According to him, “ will be experiencing very quick iterations to fully deliver on its promises”. 

The CMO, Adellet Sarkis, added that “actually, with, anyone can now be an influencer”. Aren’t we all, anyway? 


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