Chainlink Partners with RPS Network for Enhanced Oracle Services and Web3 Data Channel, Meme Moguls to Top Dogecoin In The Long Run

December 22, 2023
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Chainlink and RPS Network join forces to boost Web3 engagement, with RPS aiming to enhance user targeting through a permissionless data channel using AI. The collaboration includes key benefits from Chainlink BUILD, such as Verifiable Random Function, automation tools, and cross-chain features. Meanwhile, Meme Moguls aims for best crypto investment, eventually pushing Dogecoin aside in the long run.

Chainlink BUILD & RPS Network Collaborate For Web3 Integration 

Positive collaborations and integrations often contribute to increased demand for the associated cryptocurrency. In the space of 24 hours, the trading volume of Chainlink went up by 89.76% and Chainklink price by 5.01% reaching $14.59 as at the time of writing. This boost may come from the new Chainlink and RPS innovation at hand.

Chainlink and RPS Network have teamed up to improve RPS's Web3 platform. RPS aims to enhance user targeting and retention using AI. Thanks to Chainlink's support, RPS gains access to features like random functions for raffles and tools for automation. 

In exchange, RPS shares some of its tokens with Chainlink. The collaboration focuses on making Web3 more advanced and beneficial for both platforms, ensuring better user experiences and functionality. Eventually, this will affect Chainlink price positively.

Meme Moguls’ (MGLS) Promising Trajectory May Displace Dogecoin (DOGE)

Meme Moguls has the potential to displace Dogecoin by offering a unique and interactive experience within its ecosystem. As the potential best crypto investment in the memeverse, Meme Moguls is not only about the usual hype memes and internet trends that is associated with memecoins— it offers something more tangible as an investment token.

Unlike many meme coins, Meme Moguls integrates a play-to-earn (P2E) game that educates users on investing while providing entertainment and the opportunity to earn $MGLS tokens— the native currency of the Meme Moguls ecosystem.

The simulated investing feature, diverse gameplay modes, community engagement through tournaments, NFT marketplace, and plans for a metaverse world that Meme Moguls is offering will create a multifaceted approach, painting Meme Moguls as the one of the top crypto coins to engage with.

Additionally, the focus on genuine utility with $MGLS as an in-game currency and governance token distinguishes Meme Moguls from meme coins based solely on hype. This token is already selling fast in its stage 2 presale, after selling its beta stage in record breaking time. The $MGLS token is currently going for $0.0023, with the stage almost 50% sold, hurry up before the price increases further.

Overall, this multifunctional approach, combined with innovative features and the potential for real-world earnings, positions Meme Moguls as a contender to challenge Dogecoin dominance in the meme coin space over the long run.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Rises Above Resistance Level After Past Week’s Decline 

The past week for Dogecoin price wasn’t favorable as it was mostly below the resistance level, losing 3.76% of its worth in the space of 7 days. However, as volatility will have it, Dogecoin has bounced back and is now above resistance level with a 2.42% increase in the last 24 hours.

Currently the 10th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Dogecoin is ever agile in the market as it’s maintaining its position on the top 10 crypto coins by market cap

Dogecoin price is not the only thing that is holding its ground, the trading volume of Dogecoin is also commendable, experiencing a 31.12% increase in the last 24 hours. This signifies the well-known strong support of the Dogecoin community. The community is over 70% bullish which means Dogecoin is among top crypto coins to hold this season.

Learn more about the $MGLS here:

Visit Meme Moguls | Join the Community

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