WallX Africa Partners with Doktor Connect To Drive Financial & Health Inclusion for SME’s & Individuals

December 13, 2023
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WallX Africa (A B2B Focused fintech helping small business owners increase their revenue by 35% through providing tailor-made business & payment automation tools) and Doktor Connect (A Hybrid pro-active wellness company helping increase the longevity and improve the quality of lives for Africans) Join Forces for Technological Advancement by creating a new Industry called “FINHEAL”.

In a groundbreaking move that promises to revolutionize the fintech and healthcare industry, “WallX Africa and Doktor Connect” have come together to form a dynamic partnership. This strategic collaboration, forged on mutual respect and shared visions, is set to leverage the strengths of both entities and drive innovation, ultimately propelling the digital landscape into new frontiers.

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In brief interview with the CEO of Doktor Connect “Dr. Joseph Olowe” says “partnership is the way to go to promote a sustainable Africa, as the saying goes, “Health is Wealth”. Africans have played too long on reactive healthcare. Today, we bring a “Proactive wellness approach to healthcare”. Our selection as top 10 at MEST Africa “Quatar” confirms our mission to change the narrative for healthcare.

Uniting Forces, Igniting Innovation

WallX Africa, a trailblazer in cutting-edge operating system for African small business owners, joins hands with Doktor Connect, a proactive wellness provider with over 40,000+ customers across Africa. By combining their expertise, they are poised to build an ecosystem that seamlessly integrates software and hardware, delivering unmatched user experiences to its customers within the continent.The partnership heralds a new era of convergence where merchants and small business owners can now enjoy free wellness/healthcare for a maximum of 365days as they transact and do their business daily.

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Global Impact and Accessibility

With local & global presence and vast customer base, both Partners are uniquely positioned to influence the lives of millions of individuals (both patients and merchants). Together, they aim to drive digital accessibility to underserved regions, bridging the technological divide and empowering individuals with tools (financial/business tools and home medical equipment for proactive health check-ups) to thrive in the digital age.

Through targeted initiatives, education (financial and health literacy), and innovative medical & financial product offerings, the partnership will enable its new and existing customers from all walks of life to harness the full potential of technology, thereby fostering inclusivity on a continental scale.

Unleashing the Potential of AI

Central to the partnership's vision is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) to enrich their customer experiences. By leveraging on each other’s strategic collaborations, the partners aspire to create smart, intuitive, and context-aware data points that cater to users' unique needs such as personalized predictive medical data (genomics) and personalized financial products (e.g loans, and other business/financial tools)

From personalized recommendations to seamless automation, the amalgamation of AI with hardware will redefine user interactions, making technology an indispensable and intuitive part of daily life.

Embracing the Future

As the world hurtles toward an increasingly interconnected future, both Partners stand at the forefront of transformative change. By combining their strengths, resources, and expertise, they are solidifying their positions as technological powerhouses that will shape the digital landscape for years to come.

This landmark partnership marks a milestone in the tech industry, underlining the significance of collaboration in overcoming challenges and achieving shared goals. As we embark on this transformative journey together, the world eagerly awaits groundbreaking innovations and strategic collaborations that will emanate across Africa in the coming years; says Richmond Ogigai “Founder WallX Africa.

About WallX Africa

WallX provides an A.I powered solution for African SMEs to process B2B Payments with options for accessing smart business tools. Helping African retailers increase their revenue by 28%. To Learn more about us. Visit: www.wallx.co 

About Doktor Connect

A proactive health and wellness company serving over 40,000+ patients across Africa and Middle East. www.doktorconnect.com 

Disclaimer: This material is purely owned by both partners.

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