386konsult and SmartComplyApp Partner to Revolutionise AI-Driven Compliance

October 23, 2023
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In a move towards innovation and efficiency, 386konsult, an innovative,technology-driven business consulting and Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company, has joined hands with SmartComplyApp, an automated and AI-powered cybersecurity and compliance platform.

Together, they are set to reshape compliance and regulatory adherence.

The Full Gist

386konsult and SmartComplyApp have embarked on this partnership aimed at leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance compliance practices across industries. This strategic partnership brings together the industry expertise of 386konsult and SmartComplyApp's AI capabilities.

Is There a Promise of AI in Compliance?

Well! It is safe to say there is. The use of AI in compliance holds immense potential for businesses of all sizes. It streamlines processes, reduces manual errors, and provides real-time insights into regulatory changes. With the ever-evolving world of compliance requirements, AI can help organisations stay ahead of the curve.

The Primary Goals of this Partnership

Research and Development: 386konsult and SmartComplyApp will engage in extensive research to develop AI-powered solutions tailored to specific compliance needs.

Efficiency and Accuracy: By harnessing the SmartComplyApp AI ability, the collaboration aims to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of compliance procedures, reducing the burden of manual tasks.

Real-time Updates: SmartComplyApp's automated and AI-powered ability will provide real-time updates on regulatory changes, enabling organisations to adapt swiftly.

Customised Solutions: The partnership intends to deliver customised compliance solutions that align with the unique requirements of various industries.

The Impact on Industries

The impact of this collaboration is far-reaching. Industries such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing, agrotech and more stand to benefit from the integration of AI into their compliance frameworks. This advancement promises increased productivity, reduced costs, and enhanced risk management.

386konsult believe that their partnership with SmartComplyApp is a representation of a significant step towards the future of compliance with the aim to empower organisations to navigate complex regulatory standards with ease  by harnessing AI.

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Websites: www.386konsult.com


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