Big Eyes And Polkadot Considered Smart Purchase Options That Can Improve Your Financial Strength

March 9, 2023
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The new year is expected to be a respite from the previous year's woes, and market players are seeing the signs within the first few weeks. Crypto assets are progressing toward full recovery as the winter effect gradually wears off. According to analysts' market projections, purchasing crypto assets at this stage is best, ahead of an anticipated steady price increase in the latter part of the year.

Many crypto assets are attracting investors' attention with their impressive early run. However, experts believe deeply introspecting before weighing in on any purchase is essential. It ensures you're acting from an informed position and not due to FOMO. With these things in mind, you will likely make a better investment decision this year.

If you're unsure of where to start, considering Big Eyes (BIG) as a long-term term purchase could be excellent future security, while you can expect possible yields from Polkadot (DOT).

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  Polkadot: Keeping People Connected

Polkadot is an interoperable protocol that facilitates secure connections between blockchains, ensuring swift cross-chain transfer of digital currency, data, and other asset types. The multichain protocol uses sharded networks to boost interoperability and scalability. It has four core components that keep it functional.

Polkadot's structure consists of the Relay chain, regarded as the network's heart. It helps keep connections between different chains secure while creating consensus and interoperability. The Parachains are the second component. They're independent chains capable of having their token and a custom use case. The network's other components are the Pararhreads and Bridges. The latter facilitates seamless communication and connection between external blockchains and the other components.

Polkadot token (DOT) serves essential purposes on the platform. It improves operations and network security, facilitates parachains connections, and serves governance purposes. It can equally function as a medium of value transfer. The top crypto asset worth about $8 billion in market capitalization, ranking it among the top 12. The prominent cryptocurrency is on almost every top market player's watchlist.

Polkadots (DOT) incredible run in the last bull market increased holders' trust in it, despite its huge decline in the previous year. Polkadot (DOT) looks to be at a point of recovery and could improve in the coming months. Experts believe it has a high possibility of giving holders incredible returns, making it a good crypto asset to consider.

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  Big Eyes: The Cat For The Community

Big Eyes has advanced to the later stages of its presale, and holders are anticipating its launch. The meme coin has gained massive prominence since it went on presale, reflecting the effective marketing efforts channeled toward its development. Big Eyes will likely inspire other cat-theme projects, becoming one of the first projects in a cat-dominated ecosystem that can break doge's dominance.

The Introduction of Loot Boxes for Big Eyes is bound to be a game changer for the presale process. Big Eyes are offering a big prize to the people with a Cute Box that costs $99. Buyers can win up to $5K worth of Big Eyes Coins. Then the Kitty Vault costs $499 and has a grand total prize of $25K worth of BIG. Finally, the Super Saiyan Box costs $999 but buyers can win a total of $100K worth of BIG.

Big Eyes token (BIG)  and its unique NFTs will be excellent mediums of value transfer and a good store of assets as they're billed to rise in value with time. The valuable assets will play essential roles in the project's ecosystem. Big Eyes token (BIG) will facilitate transaction payments, rewards, and trading in the platform's marketplace. Holding NFTs, on the other hand, will allow you access to exclusive events and membership opportunities.

Big Eyes (BIG) tax-free policy on buying and selling on the ecosystem increases adoption potential. It will feature liquidity acquisition and an autoburn policy that will improve the value of the BIG token while improving wealth circulation in DeFi.

The meme coin has what it takes to succeed, and it will maximize them as it progresses through each growth phase. It's expected to end presale soon, and not joining any of its presale stages could be a great miss.

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