Mushe’s (XMU) Independence Day Launch is a Cause for Celebration

by | May 5, 2022

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With the launch of Mushe (XMU) tokens on July 4, Independence Day for Americans is also the perfect day for you to kickstart your financial independence. The rapid growth of cryptocurrency over the last few years makes investing in digital currency so appealing to many. But, with all the options available in the market, why should investors choose Mushe? The most significant advantage is that Mushe can connect with any blockchain and is compatible with different platforms offering investors the flexibility to buy and trade without restrictions. This is uncommon as most tokens are only compatible with their host platform.  

Mushe prioritizes a safer, easier, and faster experience for token holders. A bonus is that investors can expect low transaction fees. On average, XMU tokens will have some of the lowest transaction fees available. Mushe can keep its transaction fees low because the speed and scalability of its networks prevent congestion. To put it simply, competitors charge higher fees when there is more traffic on their platform or heavier transactions such as swapping tokens or minting non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Mushe’s fee structure is different. It is simple to understand, and the fees are at a lower cost than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other competitors. 

Crypto enthusiasts can purchase the tokens now for the pre-sale price of $0.005 per token exclusively at After it officially launches in July, the targeted price will be $0.05 per token.

In many crypto circles, it has become common consensus that now is the perfect time for investors to consider using XMU to grow their personal wealth and as part of their retirement portfolio. 

Cryptocurrency, a tool for early retirement

A key factor of cryptocurrency is the concept of decentralization which helps place the power in the hands of investors. Financial experts recommend investing in cryptocurrency as a crucial part of a long-term portfolio. They typically encourage having 5% of your portfolio in a high-risk asset such as cryptocurrency. For some investors, such as those who are part of the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement, putting in a higher percentage, such as 15%, may align better with their financial plan.

The FIRE movement is popular among millennials. It is based on the concept of saving up to 70% of your annual income to retire before the usual retirement age with enough savings to last your lifetime. Those who participate in this movement save and invest their money into assets that can generate a passive income. Eventually, the passive income will replace their monthly income allowing them to retire from full-time employment. 

Cryptocurrencies are investment assets that can grow over a long-term period. When investing in crypto, financial experts recommend following the same rules as investing in the stock market – don’t make emotional decisions or sell on a downswing, and don’t purchase more than you can safely lose.  

Building personal wealth through Crypto

Cryptocurrencies have outperformed traditional investments in recent history, including large tech companies such as Netflix, which has experienced a 420% growth in five years, as reported by Business Insider. Most of the more prominent cryptocurrencies have a percentage growth at least three times greater during the same period. Mushe is expected to be a high-performing cryptocurrency based on its limitless scalability and interoperability. Investors that purchase Mushe tokens to hold in their portfolio for a long-term period can expect significant growth. 

Learn more about Mushe (XMU)

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