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This is Patricia; a place where convention comes to die

August 12, 2021 · 5 min read
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If you are Nigerian, live in Nigeria, know someone who knows someone who lives in/is Nigeria(n), or you have anything at all to do with Nigerian pop culture, chances are you’ve heard of Patricia and its now famous “crypto made easy” tagline. The technology-driven alternative payments platform is co-sponsor of popular reality TV show, BBNaija season 6.

But have you ever wondered: “What goes under the hood?” “What is it like working at Patricia?” “Who are the people and faces behind the Patricia brand?” “Should I apply to work there?”

Well, wonder no more, as we are about to take you on an immersive tour of Patricia’s headquarters in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

Our tour guide is Patricia brand manager, Rachael Akalia.

Rachael Akalia, Brand Manager, Patricia

Rachael Akalia has been with the company since its humblest beginnings in 2018, when it ran out a cramped boys’ quarters (BQ).

An earlier Patricia office (not the BQ), shot in February 2019 — about 3 months before the company moved to its current location in May, 2019.

Today, the company is headquartered in a 4-storey building, situated in Lekki, Lagos, and is responsible for the livelihood of over 90 team members across over 6 locations in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, the UK and the EU region.

Let’s begin the tour, shall we?

Watch video version or continue reading below

From the entrance, you are greeted by the customer experience centre

To give customers a feel of the Patricia brand, the walls of the centre are decked with all the company’s products.

So there’s bitcoin trading, which we all know about

Then there’s Gift Cards by Glover

There’s also Refill, a product for handling recurring bill payments

Next is Hank, Patricia’s first physical product (launching soon)

Finally there’s Patricia Business

Patricia Business helps merchants accept cryptocurrency, as a form of payment, and get settled in fiat currencies.

Right behind the customer experience centre is the kitchenette and game area

This is where team members go to take their meals during breaks, including the free Friday lunches the company offers, and play games.

Walking back from the kitchenette and unto the customer experience area takes you to the steps that lead to the first floor.


The first floor

On the first floor, you are greeted by the phonebooth…

… Where team members go to take private calls

Most of the first floor holds the breakout area

This is where team members can, well, take a break from work or hold makeshift meetings.

To the left of the breakout area is the training room

The training room is where both in-house and external training sessions are held

Just after the training room is our favourite part of the frist floor; the therapeutic room

“As a company that fosters mental wellness,” says Rachael Akalia, “we have a therapist that comes in twice a week to assist team members who want to talk about non-work related issues.”

Beside the therapeutic room is the library, which is open to all team members

“Don’t forget to do the most” — company mantra

Sitting behind the breakout area is the marketing floor

The marketing floor is the creative hub of Patricia, where most product campaigns are produced.

Creative inspiration from quotes by the company CEO lace the walls
And right at the corner of the space is the studio, where all the creative magic happens

The most important part of the first floor can be found in the landing area leading to the second floor.

The Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame is part of Patricia’s reward system. It is where monthly accolades given to the most outstanding team members are displayed.

Award categories range from the “Doing the Most Award” to the ” Boss Award”

“The election process is completely independent,” Rachael Akalia points out, “as everyone on the team gets to vote for teammates who they believe are most-deserving of the awards”

Also displayed on the Wall of Fame are goals for the year…

“This is one of the ways we remind team members of our larger purpose.”

… And milestones that Patricia has achieved over the years

Let’s move on to the second floor, shall we?

Rachael Akalia, Brand Manager, Patricia

Second floor houses two departments:

The operations department, which is the powerhouse of the company

Here you will find the customer relations team, complaints resolutions team, and other operations team members.

Then there’s engineering department, where all the coding magic happens

Right at the entrance of the engineering department is the Friday games area
The games area also doubles as a breakout area for the engineering team
You know that feeling when you need a break from coding on a traditional desk? Patricia’s got you.
Right at the corner of where the coding magic happens seats the sales team
“If you build it, they will come,” right? Wrong!!!

On to the third floor …

The third floor houses the entire admin area

The admin area stretches, from left to right, across two inter-connected sections

The main section houses the research & development, human resources, quality assurance, and finance departments
Of course, as with every floor, there is a breakout area
The second section of the admin area is where most head of departments reside, and most paper work is done
Of course, it also has a breakout area

On to the fourth and last floor; you really want to see this part

Immediately to the left of the fourth floor landing is the waiting room and PA’s office

Behind the waiting room is the conference room, where all the decision-making meetings hold

Back to the landing area and rightward, what’s behind this door?

That’s right, it’s Patricia founder and CEO, Fejiro Hanu Agbodje

And this is his office

Patricia founder and CEO, Fejiro Hanu Agbodje

Agbodje likes his office to be an extension of himself and the company. This explains personal touches — like the basketball rim you saw earlier, random collectibles, award plaques — and company-related quotes, displays and awards.

Agbodje is a collector of rare modern art
Personal and company awards, other collectibles, sit at the back
Agbodje is particularly proud of the Business Day BAFI Awards Crypto Platform of the Year award, which the company won in December 2020.

Company goals, quotes and inspiration

Let’s a step back to the fourth floor landing, where Agbodje displays his heroes

Jeff Bezos, Colin Kaepernick, Muhammad Ali…

Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs…

And most importantly, Late Patience Agbodje, his mother

“She raised my brother and I, and instilled all the values and virtues I have. Without her, all of these would not be possible.”

Back into Agbodje’s office, a leftward door leads out to our most favourite part of the Patricia office:

The common lounge area!!!

“It’s a team-favourite picture and unwinding spot,” Agbodje tells us.

“Fridays are the busiest; you can see tons of Patricians sharing a drink, playing board games, just letting our hairs down to unwind after the long week of ‘doing the most’.”

“It’s even ten times more spectacular at night,” he adds.

Agbodje’s long-term goal for Patricia is to become the SI unit for bitcoin worldwide

For his parting words, he says, “At Patricia, we are always looking for superheroes to join us. We have an excellent culture which will be best experienced yourself.”

Bye from Fejiro and Rachael

You can watch a more immersive video version of this post here.

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