“Nigerian startups raised $377m in 2019, more than twice the value of 2018.” — Report

by | Feb 26, 2020

In 2018, Techpoint Africa started the Nigerian Startup Funding Report — a curation, breakdown, and analysis of funding activities in the tech startup space — and has since produced eight reports, all powered by Intelligence by Techpoint.

Positive feedback from previous editions shows that the reports are achieving the set objective — making insightful data available to stakeholders.

We, therefore, present to you the second annual edition with detailed sector analysis, year-on-year analysis, and trends in the Nigerian startup space; it also contains information about featured companies, among others.

This report should have been released earlier in the month but it’s coming late due to some technical difficulties.

While the Nigerian Startup Funding Report 2019 takes into account publicly announced funding rounds, we also reached out to investors, as well as startups, for undisclosed rounds.

Here are some highlights of the report:

  • Over 100 investors (individuals and institutions) participated in the investment landscape in Nigeria in 2019
  • More than 147 startups received one form of funding or the other
  • A Financial Services provider got the highest funding for the year
  • Financial Services got the lion’s share of the total funding for the year
  • Twenty startups raised a million dollars and above each
  • Breakdown and year-on-year analysis
  • Details of featured companies

Find out more in the report.

This report costs $75 and can be ordered here.

Kindly note that previous reports — free and paid versions — are still available on our platform, and funding news tips can be shared by sending a mail to intelligence@techpoint.africa or by filling this form.

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