Inside Vibranium Valley, VGG's 2600 square-metre tech campus

August 2, 2018
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On March 1, 1980, late Nigerian industrialist and philantropist, MKO Abiola,  commissioned Concord Press Nigeria Limited which later became one of Nigeria's biggest media houses up until its offices were sealed off in 1994, about a year after his death.

Before Concord Newspaper became a shadow of its old self, it was housed on a large expanse of land along the Murtala International Airport road in Lagos, Nigeria. These days, the Concord Newspaper building is an innovation and collaborative space named Vibranium Valley, new home to the Venture Garden Group (VGG).

Established in 2011, VGG is a holding company for fintech entities that provide innovative, data-driven, end-to-end technology platforms. The Vibranium Valley space, designed by Spacefinish, was inspired by a merger between the African culture and technology advancement synonymous to Silicon Valley. The end result is a Black Panther adaptation, hence the name.

Come with us as we take a pictorial tour of the 2600 square-metre Vibranium Valley campus, with the help of Subulola Jiboye, our tour guide.

Subulola Jiboye, Communications associate at Ventures Garden Group.
Subulola Jiboye, Communications Associate at Ventures Garden Group.

The reception

VGG vibranium 1

At the waiting area, you get a view of the Operations Command Centre still under construction. We'll see a temporary one later in the tour.

VGG vibranium 21

A map of the tech campus that Vibranium Valley would be in the nearest future

VGG vibranium 8

This wall has all the names of the startups under the VGG portfolio

VGG vibranium 25

VGG vibranium 27

Be the smartest in the room

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Faces depicting black excellence; Nelson Mandela, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, Maya Angelou and others

VGG vibranium 33

VGG vibranium 206

The office spaces

The Venture Garden Group has three main focuses; data, technology solutions and investments.

"These platforms deploy solutions for different sectors in Nigeria; power, aviation, education, social programmes and finance. So all these our solutions are sitting on these platforms," Subulola tells us.

Different teams work on different solutions; from Aviatech, Edutech, Powertech, to the marketing, business and engineering teams. Before now, the VGG team was spread through three locations across Lagos.

VGG vibranium 43

VGG vibranium 51

VGG vibranium 48

VGG vibranium 70 1

VGG vibranium 101

The workspaces

Asides the designated spaces for each team, Vibranium Valley has beautifully and creatively crafted workspaces to encourage flexibility in the work place.

VGG vibranium 34

VGG vibranium 36

VGG vibranium 41

These steps double as workspaces

VGG vibranium 87

VGG vibranium 89

More workspaces, mostly made with containers

VGG vibranium 96

VGG vibranium 97

VGG vibranium 99

The honeycomb

VGG vibranium 48

Yes, this is a truck

VGG vibranium 72

VGG vibranium 75

Behind the truck is the café

VGG vibranium 69

The themed meeting rooms

Members of the various teams book a space on the calendar to hold their meetings here.


Kuti was named after women rights' activist Olufunmilayo Ransome Kuti and her legendary musician son Fela Anikulapo Kuti. It represents the past.

"In their days, they both stood for liberation, black excellence and activism. The 'Kuti' name itself means 'never die'. So this room signifies the culture of never giving up," says Subulola.

VGG vibranium 84

VGG vibranium 81

One Chance

This room represents the colour and hustle that Lagos is known for. It's a depiction of the present. Peep the 3D danfo.

VGG vibranium 178

VGG vibranium 176


This room represents the future with its flying vehicles and futuristic building designs.

VGG vibranium 103

The white room

"It's sort of a white board, you can come here with your team and brainstorm. You can write on it and clean it off and begin again on a clean slate. There are different walls so different teams can use it at the same time".

VGG vibranium 105

VGG vibranium 182

Additional workspaces

VGG vibranium 106

VGG vibranium 146

VGG vibranium 112

The backend team works from here

They work on hosting, network and infrastructure. Their workspace is secluded from the rest, for obvious reasons.

VGG vibranium 156

We bet you saw this coming. Wakanda in Vibranium Valley is a room dedicated to high priority brainstorming sessions. Nobody leaves Wakanda without a solution.

VGG vibranium 136

VGG vibranium 132

VGG vibranium 139

VGG vibranium 140


Isheri is where VGG meets Concord Press. The first VGG office was situated at the Isheri area of Lagos, hence the name of the conference room. It has a wallpaper of the National Concord featuring both old and futuristic headlines about VGG. As well as all the names of its past and present staff members.

VGG vibranium 238

VGG vibranium 240

The temporary Operations Command Centre

This is where the data generated by the various teams at VGG are monitored. Emmanuel Caster monitors all the data here.

VGG vibranium 194

VGG vibranium 199
Emmanuel Caster, IoT Engineer at VGG

The lounge

On one side of the lounge is the TV area which has a foosball table. And on the other side is the cafeteria.

VGG vibranium 121

VGG vibranium 115

The cafeteria

VGG vibranium 116

VGG vibranium 126

What's a Vibranuim Valley without a Vibranium wall?

Wakanda Forever!

VGG vibranium 234

Faces of VGG

VGG vibranium 163

VGG vibranium 186

VGG vibranium 187

VGG vibranium 189

VGG vibranium 219

VGG vibranium 228

VGG vibranium 180

VGG vibranium 171

And so we come to the end of a very interesting tour. Vibranium Valley's most captivating appeals are its rich backstories and creative ambience.

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I'm always open to new experiences.
I'm always open to new experiences.
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I'm always open to new experiences.

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