Ship Now Pay Later; ShipAfrica Unveils Innovative Trade Financing Solution

March 7, 2024
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A reliable logistics system is vital for any thriving business, ensuring smooth product delivery and customer satisfaction. ShipAfrica, a leading e-logistics provider in Africa, understands this well. Committed to facilitating international trade for businesses across Nigeria and the continent, they currently serve over 6,000 customers and processed over 2 billion Naira worth of shipments in the past year alone.

However, fluctuating currencies like the Nigerian Naira can create financial hurdles for businesses engaged in international commerce. To address this challenge, ShipAfrica has launched an innovative solution named "Ship Now Pay Later" (SNPL).

SNPL is a credit financing program specifically designed for businesses involved in international trade. This program allows businesses to ship their products now and defer payment until a later date. It acts as a financial lifeline, freeing up valuable cash flow to manage other business needs and fuel further growth.

Businesses can seamlessly book shipments to over 195 destinations worldwide through ShipAfrica's website. They can choose their preferred shipping method at competitive rates, ensuring cost-effectiveness.  The new feature,Ship Now Pay Later (SNPL) provides much-needed financial flexibility by allowing businesses to delay payment. Additionally, real-time shipment tracking keeps them informed throughout the process, offering peace of mind.

"ShipAfrica recognizes the everyday challenges faced by businesses in Africa, especially those related to currency fluctuations," said Valentine Buchi, CEO of ShipAfrica. "We're committed to being a trusted partner, empowering them to seize growth opportunities without upfront financial constraints."

ShipAfrica's success is evident in their impressive track record. With the launch of SNPL, they aim to serve an even wider range of customers. As Taiwo Fapoju, COO of ShipAfrica, states, "Our goal is to provide purposeful solutions that address the specific needs of African businesses, fostering their success in the global market."

SNPL is seen as a significant development in the African international shipping landscape. By bridging financial gaps and prioritizing flexibility, ShipAfrica empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of global trade with confidence.  Their commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions paves the way for positive change within the industry.

ShipAfrica's innovative approach equips businesses with the tools they need to overcome financial obstacles and reach new heights of success in the global marketplace.

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