Tamed Lux: Crafting Nature's Elegance – Your Artisanal Haven for Natural Skincare and Home Essentials

February 20, 2024
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Tamed Lux, founded and led by Miss Ayoade Onafowora, is making waves as a premier handmade natural manufacturing home and skincare business. With a commitment to crafting high-quality products using the finest natural materials derived from plants, herbs, and oils, Tamed Lux has become a trusted name in the realm of all-natural, chemical-free solutions for skincare and home needs.

About Tamed Lux:
Tamed Lux, spearheaded by Chief Artisan and CEO Miss Ayoade Onafowora, is a beacon of excellence in the world of natural skincare and home essentials. The brand is dedicated to delivering exceptional, handcrafted products, including luxurious lotions, indulgent bath soaps, reed diffusers, car scents materials, invigorating shower wash, rejuvenating serums, and nourishing body oils.

The Artisan Behind Tamed Lux:
Miss Ayoade Onafowora brings over 15 years of creative experience to Tamed Lux, having excelled in various fields such as nail artistry, creative writing, crafts, production, and design. With a focus on manufacturing from scratch, Ayoade has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, innovation, collaboration, and strategic planning.

Tamed Lux Products

Key Achievements for Tamed Lux:
NAFDAC & FDA/VRCP Certified: Tamed Lux boasts certifications from NAFDAC and FDA/VRCP, ensuring that its products meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Export & Amazon Listing: In June 2021, Tamed Lux achieved a significant milestone by successfully exporting its products and listing on Amazon, showcasing the brand's global reach and recognition.

Bathe the Children (Christmas Outreach): Tamed Lux's commitment to social impact is evident through its "Bathe the Children" Christmas outreach program, where soap is manufactured from soap shavings and scraps, benefiting selected motherless babies' homes.

Notable Projects:
Souvenirs/Party Favors: Tamed Lux's custom works shine through in its creation of remarkable gift items for various events, leaving a lasting impression on guests.

Private Labelling: The brand operates a private labelling branch, manufacturing for other companies, individuals, hotels, and restaurants, ensuring the highest standards and quality while maintaining privacy.

Client Testimonials:
"Nice ambience, fantastic products. Tamed Lux is one product I would not be giving up in a hurry." - Amaka Eze

"Fantastic, refreshing, and renewing product. Tamed Lux products deliver on their promise, natural and earthy." - Ademidun Ade

Professional Affiliations:
Beneficiary of LSETF: Tamed Lux is a proud beneficiary of the Lagos State Employment and Trust Fund.

Graduate of the Pan-African Enterprise Development Centre: Ayoade Onafowora has honed her entrepreneurial skills through this prestigious program.

Connect with Tamed Lux:
Instagram: @tamedlux

Website: www.tamedlux.com

Email: ayoade@tamedlux.com

About Tamed Lux:

Tamed Lux is a handmade natural manufacturing home and skincare business founded by Miss Ayoade Onafowora. With a focus on crafting high-quality, all-natural products, Tamed Lux has garnered recognition for its excellence, innovation, and commitment to social impact.

Tamed Lux is a beneficiary of the 2023 Nimbus Aid Project

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