Niola Cancer Care Foundation: Shaping a Brighter Future through Wellness and Early Detection

February 16, 2024
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Niola Cancer Care Foundation, the first colorectal cancer non-governmental organization in West Africa, stands at the forefront of the fight against cancer. With a mission focused on Wellness and Early Detection through Communication and Engagement Platforms, the foundation is committed to creating awareness, providing innovative info-education, conducting screenings, and fostering partnerships for a cancer-free future.

A Pioneering Initiative:
Niola Cancer Care Foundation holds the distinction of being the first colorectal cancer non-governmental organization in West Africa. The foundation's primary mission is to campaign for Wellness and Early Detection of cancer, leveraging effective communication and engagement platforms, and building solid partnerships with stakeholders and volunteers.

Vision for the Future:
The foundation envisions setting up Colorectal Cancer Screening and Management centers in Nigeria with the capacity to screen up to one hundred thousand (100,000) individuals annually in the nearest future. This ambitious vision reflects Niola Cancer Care Foundation's commitment to making a significant impact on cancer detection and management.

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Mandate and Core Objectives:
Niola Cancer Care Foundation has a comprehensive mandate that includes creating awareness on wellness, engaging in innovative info-education on colorectal cancer, conducting screenings for early detection, capacity building and development, promoting healthy lifestyles through health education, mobilizing support for cancer patients, advocating for better treatment, supporting research for a cure, and collaborating with stakeholders.

Impactful Initiatives:
The foundation has made significant strides in its mission, having screened more than two thousand (2,000) individuals for Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT). Niola Cancer Care Foundation is actively engaged in carrying out FOBT tests in partnership with hospitals and registered laboratories, impacting over ten thousand individuals through Awareness and Health tips via Health-related Pep Talks and Presentations. These efforts extend to governmental bodies, religious institutions, corporate organizations, schools, and various associations within the community.

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Flagship Program – "IJOYA":
Niola Cancer Care Foundation's flagship program, "IJOYA," exemplifies the foundation's extra effort and commitment to changing the cancer narrative in Africa. "IJOYA" aims to build awareness and consciousness among people, fostering a proactive approach to cancer prevention and early detection.

Connect with Niola Cancer Care Foundation:
For more information about Niola Cancer Care Foundation and its initiatives, please contact:


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Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

About Niola Cancer Care Foundation:

Niola Cancer Care Foundation is a pioneering non-governmental organization in West Africa, dedicated to the campaign for Wellness and Early Detection of colorectal cancer. With a vision to establish screening and management centers and a comprehensive mandate, the foundation strives to create a positive impact on cancer awareness, prevention, and treatment.

Niola Cancer Care Foundation is a beneficiary of the 2023 Nimbus Aid Project

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