Jody’s Curl Box: Unveiling Natural Beauty with Purposeful Hair Care

February 1, 2024
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Jody’s Curl Box (JCB) emerges as a trailblazing natural hair care company, founded in Nigeria in April 2017 by Ejiro Jody Adunse, a young and visionary indigenous female lawyer. With a profound passion for empowering women of Black descent to embrace their natural beauty, JCB is transforming the hair care landscape through organic and vegan products crafted specifically for Type 4 (black) hair – both virgin and permed.

Founder’s Vision:
Jody’s Curl Box was born out of Ejiro Jody Adunse's vision to revolutionize hair care for women of Black descent. Her mission is to help them understand and grow their hair in a healthier way, using meticulously developed natural products. The focus on Type 4 hair reflects the commitment to authenticity and inclusivity in beauty standards.

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Innovative Solutions for Natural Hair:
Years of dedicated research and testing at the JCB Lagos hair clinic have led to groundbreaking natural hair treatment solutions. These products are designed to reduce shedding, boost moisture, enhance circulation, and bring out the best versions of customers' hair textures. JCB is redefining beauty perceptions for African women and children.

Diverse Product Range:
Jody’s Curl Box offers a diverse range of products infused with unique carrier and essential oils. The current product lineup includes a Cleansing and hydrating shampoo, Daily Growth Leave-in Conditioner, Herbal Growth Elixir, Hot Oil Infusion, Deep Conditioner, and a Hydrating Hair Spritz infused with rosewater. Additionally, there's a specially formulated Beard Growth Butter for men, providing softening and growth benefits.

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Sustainable and Locally-Sourced Ingredients:
All JCB products are manufactured in a semi-automated factory in Lagos, dedicated to continuous research and development of innovative natural hair solutions. The brand proudly utilizes purely African-made oils like shea butter, aloe vera gel extract, and more, sourced exclusively from African farmers. This commitment aligns with the brand's ethos of promoting African resources and sustainability.

Empowering Communities Through Education:
Ejiro Jody Adunse goes beyond product development; she runs multiple hair clinics in different salons, training hundreds of young women in hair handling techniques and the use of specific products and oils. This initiative aims at improving the overall hair care experience for every woman who steps into a JCB trained salon.

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Quality and Affordability Amid Challenges:
Despite facing forex challenges, Jody’s Curl Box remains competitive, ensuring a perfect balance of quality and affordability. The brand's commitment to empowering women and promoting natural beauty remains unwavering.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty with Jody’s Curl Box:
At Jody’s Curl Box, health and empowerment are at the heart of every product. Embrace your natural beauty and join the movement where every curl tells a story of purpose and radiance!

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Connect with Jody’s Curl Box:
For a closer look at the natural beauty revolution, follow Jody’s Curl Box on Instagram:

About Jody’s Curl Box:
Jody’s Curl Box is a leading natural hair care company founded by Ejiro Jody Adunse in Nigeria in 2017. Specializing in Type 4 hair care, JCB is dedicated to providing organic and vegan products that celebrate and empower the natural beauty of African women and children.

Jody’s Curl Box is a beneficiary of the 2023 Nimbus Aid Project

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