Sparklo (SPRK) Set To Overthrow Arbitrum (ARB) In Presale Volume

June 28, 2023
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The blockchain industry moves quickly. There is fierce rivalry for new and existing projects to stay relevant because several new coins and projects are introduced daily. Founders and project teams are working hard to maintain what they already have. Even more so now, given how bleak the market appears to be.

Investors are looking for dependable new projects that have the potential to provide sizable profits in the short term and more significant growth in the long term. Before Sparklo, Arbitrum (ARB) was among the projects significantly impacting space. Let's have a brief overview of Sparklo.

  Sparklo (SPRK) is shining bright as presale stage 3 kicks in

The Sparklo blockchain project aims to build an alternative investment marketplace where traders and investors may come together to trade and invest in gold, silver, and platinum bars, whether in whole or small amounts. With no external features or middlemen, Sparklo will provide novel innovations to the cryptocurrency investment market by bringing buyers and sellers together directly to negotiate rates.

This first-of-its-kind investment platform will enable traders and investors to make partial or full investments in silver, gold, and platinum. Each investment creates and fractionalizes an NFT backed by an equivalent real-world asset. The price of a Sparklo token is currently $0.055. Sparklo will offer investors greater returns due to its enormous growth potential.

Sparklo has been identified as a potential blue-chip project owing to its many innovative ideas. Additionally, Sparklo has completed a 100-year liquidity lock and a smart contract audit from Interfi Network. Investors can have faith that the project is resistant to rug pulling.


  Layer 3 gaming protocol, Xai, launches on Arbitrum (ARB)

The gaming industry is constantly changing, and with the introduction of blockchain technology, a new era of decentralized gaming platforms will emerge. Xai, a layer-3 blockchain created particularly for video games, will be released later this year, utilizing the cutting-edge Arbitrum (ARB) orbital technology stack. Interestingly, the Xai Foundation will drive the development of Xai to take the technology into the Arbitrum (ARB) ecosystem, with backing from Arbitrum (ARB) creator Offchain Labs and Web 3.0 games company Ex Populus.

While Xai's idea of empowering gamers is fascinating, its implementation relies mainly on the cutting-edge Arbitrum (ARB) orbit technology stack. Xai can provide a secure, transparent, and accessible decentralized gaming experience to gamers globally by debuting on Arbitrum (ARB) and harnessing the power of blockchain technology. Unlike traditional gaming consoles, which are centralized, Xai is owned and operated by its players.

Find out more about the presale with the links below;

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