Arbitrum (ARB) And Conflux (CFX) Rally As Uwerx (WERX) Investors Enjoy Gains

June 14, 2023
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Learn about the latest cryptocurrency market news in this article. Keep up with the latest innovations from two coins, Conflux (CFX) and Arbitrum (ARB), and the gains Uwerx (WERX) investors are enjoying.

Investing in the correct crypto token at the right time can add massive gains to investors' portfolios. But how do you know the correct crypto token and the right time to invest?

This article will explore three coins and their latest updates, including successful innovations and launches from a new project that is taking the crypto ecosystem by storm.

  Arbitrum (ARB) Falls After Short Pump

This Layer-2 platform provides users with increased transaction speed, enhanced network privacy, and system-wide scalability. Arbitrum (ARB) allows off-network communication and performs batch verification before adding confirmed transactions to the main blockchain. This ability enables the constant sharing of transaction details between Arbitrum's (ARB) primary and side chains.

Arbitrum (ARB) has an incredible feature, the Optimistic roll-up technology. It leverages this feature to achieve enhanced speeds when interacting with the Ethereum (ETH) network. The platform recently witnessed a massive boost of NFT game users on its network, totaling over a million users.

The platform had a good month in April 2023, with a bullish trend and the Arbitrum (ARB) ecosystem seeing over 250% growth in its ecosystem. The token is bearish, having fourteen green days out of thirty and a 1% price decline in the last 24 hours.

  Conflux (CFX) Leaves The Green Zone

Conflux (CFX) has joined the numerous blockchains that do not offer the winner-takes-it-all feature of crypto mining. The platform operates a reward system that ensures that every miner on the network receives rewards for every successfully mined block.

The token experienced a surge last month after a partnership with China's second-largest Telecom provider, China Telecom. The telecom provider boasts more than 390 million mobile subscribers. Hence, this partnership created vast exposure for the CFX token. The CFX token's price surged significantly from $0.23 to $0.30.

The CFX coin has had a positive upward trend since the beginning of May 2023. It has experienced many green days, and it seems the coin is immune to the ongoing high volatility of the crypto market. However, recent market analysis shows that the token may be experiencing some bad days. It is declining, with a 14% price devaluation from $0.35 to $0.30 in 48hrs.

  Uwerx (WERX) Investors Are Thrilled With Massive Gains

Uwerx is an upcoming freelancing platform in its stage 5 presale, with a 72.5 million token allocation. The total presale allocation rose to 57% from 45%. The increase reflects the project's success and provides more opportunities to early supporters. The WERX token is currently priced at $0.041. The hard cap presale date is still July 31, 2023.

Freelancers on the Uwerx platform will benefit from the advantages of blockchain technology. Uwerx charges a meager transaction fee of 1%, while other freelancing platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork charge 10%-20% for transaction fees. Uwerx has been verified and audited by SolidProof and InterFi Network.

The platform's popularity has surged significantly, recording 6,200 user sign-ups, 1627 Twitter followers, and 1529 members on Telegram.

Furthermore, Uwerx has a fantastic 15% bonus on every WERX token purchase. The bonus will be reduced at the subsequent price increase, and a referral bonus will be introduced. Therefore, now is a great time to invest and become part of the thriving Uwerx community.

Moreover, with the introduction of the Uwerx vault, the platform helps users to secure their tokens more effectively. Tokens can be stored for a specified duration, and users also earn rewards for using the vault, as it is similar to staking.

Following the project's success, the Uwerx developers showed outstanding commitment to the project and investors by reducing their token allocation to 7%. In addition, 82.8% of the Uwerx community voted for an immediate lock of the developers' liquidity, which will be locked for 25 years.

In addition, the team has agreed to launch a test airdrop after 98.2% of the community voted for the launch enabling users to validate their wallet addresses.

The platform will begin transitioning to the Beta version so users can begin testing the platform. Users can also send helpful feedback to Uwerx through an email to

The project has experienced significant success in every aspect. The Uwerx developers achieved this by utilizing an agile methodology approach for rapid development and accelerated deployment through feedback.

Arbitrum (ARB) and Conflux (CFX) are experiencing high spikes and volatility, even with innovations and launches. Investors do not seem thrilled with these developments.

Contrarily, Uwerx is unperturbed, maintaining a better performance, relatively. The platform has completed successful presale stages and innovations and looks forward to more success. Investing will add you to the growing Uwerx community and can make your dreams come true.

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