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With its new Ambassador app, GIGM is giving you the ability to earn money by selling bus tickets

September 08, 2022 · 3 min read
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  • Nigerian mobility company, GIGM, has announced the launch of its Ambassador app, allowing individuals to sell bus tickets and earn a 10% commission off sales, powering the company’s Ambassador scheme.
  • There are three verification tiers, with the first allowing the user to sell tickets up to ₦50,000 monthly. The second category has a monthly limit of ₦200,000, while the third is unlimited. 

Possible use cases

GIGM has previously introduced schemes like this in its bid to help individuals “do freely.”

For example, its Enterprise Partnership programme allows people with vetted vehicles to earn money when their cars are added to GIGM’s fleet. The company also has a scheme called Owners Captain for drivers who have been with them for quite some time to own their bus, as GIGM CEO, Enahoro Okhae told Techpoint Africa over a call.

“As a business, we have decided that one of the things that we’ll do, apart from making money, is to always look for ways to empower people financially.”

A position Chidi Ajaere, CEO Greatman Legend (formerly GIG Group), agrees with.

“The Ambassador app is a timely response to the economic climate in Nigeria as users are presented with another stream of income. As an entity, we invest in innovation that propels human progress, and I look forward to more human-centred initiatives like this from the leadership and team at GIGM.”

Cross-section of the app

According to Okhae, this app creates several use cases, and he gave some examples.

“Whenever any type of technology is deployed, the people who adopt it would determine how big they want to use it. So Shogun in UNIBEN can then decide that this is going to be his major source of income, and he gives himself targets to sell to everyone in his dormitory.

“The PoS guy can use it. Someone in an office where people travel a lot can use it. Someone in a church where there’s going to be a lot of travel can use it.”

All users go through a three-tier approval process.

The first stage is phone number verification. This allows the user to sell tickets worth ₦50,000 monthly. The second level, which has a cap of ₦200,000 monthly, requires a National Identification Number (NIN). The third tier, which authorises unlimited transactions, needs the individual to bring two sponsors.

Speaking on the launch Kenneth Nwanganga, Chief Technology Officer, GIGM, said, “The process of developing a new product begins with extensive research on a number of key factors, including the customer journey. It is important that the product provides the consumers with a seamless experience. 

“With a total ticket processing speed of less than 5 minutes, Ambassadors are equipped to upsell the GIGM brand and process tickets quickly and efficiently for intending travellers.” 

Currently, customers can make payment by transferring to the company’s account. They can also pay using their card due to an integration with Azapay and Woven Finance.

Once the transaction has been completed, the customer receives an email with their ticket details.

Affiliate marketing on the rise

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria is gradually becoming a thong as more companies and startups use this strategy to acquire customers.

In Nigeria, some of the biggest affiliate marketing programmes are run by eCommerce and betting sites, with companies like Jumia, Konga, ShopEX, Payporte, Bet9ja, and 1xBet cashing in on the market.

GIGM’s Ambassador App runs on this idea, with what the company calls a peer-to-peer marketing ideology.

According to Investopedia, affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services. The third-party publishers are affiliates, and the commission fee incentivises them to find ways to promote the company.

Okhae said this is the first time a mobility company is doing something like this.

“It’s never been done before. We are the first to think like that and implement it in the mobility space.”


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