Twitter users to reportedly pay $2.99 for subscription service

by | May 17, 2021

According to a May 15, 2021 tweet by reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter Blue — a new subscription service that could cost users $2.99 monthly — might be coming to Twitter soon. The service will include paid features like Undo Tweets and Collections.

Undo Tweet, just like the name implies, will help users undo a tweet. Collections, on the other hand, will allow users to save and organise tweets.

Wong also mentioned that the social media platform could work on a tiered pricing model that would see users who pay the most get the best out of Twitter Blue. However, this isn’t the first time she is announcing the Undo Tweets feature. When we reported her tweets about it in February, the name and price of the service were still unknown.

With Twitter devising ways to generate revenue, Twitter Blue would be a rational move. The platform recently announced Super Follows, Tip Jar, and Spaces — features that could be subscription-based.

In addition to Twitter Blue, Wong mentioned Scroll, another subscription-based feature that will help users read clutter-free news without ads.

While she did not state when Twitter would launch the subscription service, she said that the feature is subject to changes such as naming, pricing, and feature set.

Twitter’s paid subscription plans are alien to the social media space. While it might be introducing these features as a revenue source, users might consider it unusual to pay for social media services. One can’t help but wonder if Twitter can retain its user base with paid subscriptions.

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