[Sponsored] The cam wars-Infinix NOTE 7 vs Samsung A51

February 8, 2021
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They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Well, depending on the camera you’re shooting with, those words could either be well pronounced or lost between a lot of noise. In recent times, smartphone cameras have proven to be super-efficient as they have produced some of the most amazing pictures on the internet today. As the adoption of smartphone photography continues to increase, users are, now more than ever, in need for a guide to help them purchase the perfect smartphone for awesome photography.

The Infinix NOTE 7 and the Samsung Galaxy A51 are both amazing phones for lovers of photography. If you love to go mountain climbing or you just like to capture the view of the city from high grounds either during the day or at night then you probably need to get one of these devices. But If you’re wondering which to get, here’s a guide to help you decide.

Close up shots 

One of the major advantages of having a smartphone with a quad camera setup is that you get to capture a wide variety of pictures from different angles and within different ranges. When it comes to close up shots, the performance of the INFINIX NOTE 7’s camera is quite astounding. The NOTE 7 macro lens ensures that every delicate detail is properly accentuated whilst maintaining true color without adding too much saturation. Want some proof, here you go. 

On the other hand, Samsung’s galaxy A51 also does an amazing job with close up shots. However, you’d notice that close up shots on this device are highly saturated and because of that you might be losing a bit of the natural feel that you get when you take the same pictures on the NOTE 7. 


Main camera 


Above is a picture of a graffiti shot with the Samsung Galaxy A51 camera. This picture looks pretty amazing until you start to focus on the details. If you fix your eyes on the black lines on this graffiti, you might notice a little bit of a blurry effect just around the edges. This however, does not take away from the fact that the pictures still come out okay but if you’re looking to take more professional shots, you might want to get rid of the blurs. 


Interestingly, the same image taken with the Infinix NOTE 7 came out totally blur free. This is owing to the fact that the device comes with a stabilization shot feature that helps to take out the blurry and shaky effect from pictures. This makes everyone behind the camera look like a pro. 

Night shot

Now this is my favorite camera feature on the NOTE 7. The low-light camera quality of the NOTE 7 goes right through the roof. Based on several reviews the NOTE 7 is among the top devices in 2020 that does outstandingly well under low light condition. Let’s have a peek at the evening sky through the eyes of the NOTE 7. 


With no doubts at all Samsung A 51 also does an amazing Job under lowlight conditions. Here’s what we got when we captured the evening clouds using its camera.


Having considered this major focus points, its safe to say that the NOTE 7 outshines the Samsung A51 in key areas and is definitely the best for lovers of photography. 

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