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Random or not so random suspensions are currently ongoing on Twitter

August 07, 2019 · 3 min read
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UPDATE [August 8, 2019]Your Twitter account may have been suspended by accident

Since yesterday, August 6, 2019, in a manner akin to the probability random sampling of Marvel’s Thanos, Twitter has been suspending quite a number of accounts on its platform.

Twitter, of course, is well known for strategic suspensions and strict rules. The nature and reason for these suspensions is not very clear.

However, responding to Techpoint’s enquiry, a Twitter spokesperson said: “We regularly review tweets and accounts against the Twitter Rules and take action if we find violations. If an account has questions about their suspension they can reach out to us and appeal.”

Just before the 2019 general elections in February, in a similar manner, a number of Nigerian ‘influencers’ faced the brunt of Twitter’s discipline. A Business Insider report revealed that Twitter carried out the suspensions as a part of its election integrity efforts.

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This time around, analysis of suspended accounts do not seem to follow any regular pattern, nor does it seem to be a ‘respecter of persons’. Users with thousands of followers, a few hundred, tens, and units have all been affected.

Also, it doesn’t appear to be tied down to any particular country or region as complaints have come from different countries besides Nigeria.

In line with these developments, several users are noticing a reduction in the number of followers they have. As of yesterday, Techpoint observed a slight reduction in the number of followers on its Twitter page.

Naturally, this event has led to several speculations by several users who are understandably shocked.

Some have even gone as far as calling for a petition.

And of course, those providing their own brand of solutions.

The narrative might begin to take on a different shape on closer review.  In the meantime, we enjoin our readers to maintain decorum and continue using social media responsibly.

If your account has been suspended and for the sake of prevention, kindly glance over Twitter’s rulebook.

Emmanuel Paul

Emmanuel Paul


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