Open collaboration meets professionalism: A tour of Credit Direct’s new office space

by | Oct 17, 2018

In the past few years, accessing personal low-interest loans has become easier in Nigeria as more collateral-free loan providers spring up across the country. Leveraging technology, these service providers are able to determine credit worthiness and reach as many people as possible.

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One of the oldest of these providers is Credit Direct Limited, a member of the First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Group.

“We started operations 11 years ago and we operate in 25 states in Nigeria,” says Joseph Osodi, Head, Brand Management and corporate communications at Credit Direct Limited.


The company offers four loan packages; Sharp Sharp — for state and federal civil servants across 25 states, Cash To Go — quick emergency loans, Asset Carry Go loans — to acquire lifestyle and commercial assets and Empower the Corps — aimed at providing a comfortable service year for corpers. They can either get cash loan, loan to start up a new business, buy commercial/lifestyle assets or get a new degree/qualification.

Meet the management team

creditdirect office tour 84

Akinwande Ademosu, Managing Director, Credit Direct Limited


creditdirect office tour 125

Chukwuma Nwanze, Executive Director, Credit Direct Limited

creditdirect office tour 113

Achia Tor Agbidye, Divisional Head, Customer Experience, Credit Direct Limited

The company recently launched a new head office space on Isaac John street, Ikeja, Lagos. With Joseph as our tour guide, we took a tour of the facility. Here’s what it looks like.

creditdirect office tour 28

Joseph Osodi, Head, Brand Management and Corporate Communications, Credit Direct Limited

The building

The Credit Direct building is located beside FCMB on Isaac John. According to Joseph, most branches of the company across Nigeria are located inside FCMB buildings.

Display of Credit Direct products outside the building


The reception

Credit Direct Limited occupies the third floor.

The sales team however works from the first floor

To the third floor!

Some inspiration as you take the elevator to the third floor.

Welcome to Credit Direct Limited

Meet the team

First is the Control and Recovery team responsible for the recovery activities of the company.

“They tell us who to lend to and who not to lend to. They pinpoint all those companies in the private sector that are at risk of shutting down”.

creditdirect office tour 44

Victor Idonije Team Lead, Recovery

Operations Area

The various teams that work from this area handle the daily operations of the company across all their 25 offices across the federation.

“They go through daily entries and loan requests for irregularities and fraud. Once it is okay, they will approve and payments is done”

creditdirect office tour 67

Afolami Awokulehin, Head of Treasury

Team leads work from these spaces

creditdirect office tour 119

Lilian Ohiarieaku, Head, Private Sector Business

The Human Resource Team

Or the ‘People Management’, as they described their roles.

creditdirect office tour 80

Dare Davids, Team Lead, People Management Planning

The lounge

The lounge, located in the second floor is open to the team from 5 PM everyday. Here, they can take breaks from work, play pool, foosball and work out.

The kitchen

Further down is the Ladi Balogun theatre

Named after Ladi Balogun, Chairman of Credit Direct Limited, the theatre is used for events, seminars and conferences.

While maintaining a corporate environment, Credit Direct Limited’s new space encourages collaboration.

Do you think your office is cooler? Invite us to take a tour through our lens.

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