It seems Cambridge Analytica also had a role in Nigeria’s 2015 Election

March 22, 2018 · 1 min read
Kenya's 2022 election

The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal has no doubt opened up recent and past wounds, following claims that the company harvested data from millions of Facebook profiles in an attempt to influence the US general election in 2016.

However, recent reports from The Guardian UK reveal that SCL — the parent company of Cambridge Analytica — was also hired for the Nigerian 2015 presidential elections.

The Guardian claims that a rich Nigerian, supporting the re-election bid of Goodluck Jonathan in 2015, employed the services of the Cambridge Analytica to alter people’s opinion about their choice at the poll.

“We’re employed by a billionaire who’s panicking at the idea of a change of government and who wants to spend big to make sure that doesn’t happen,” an ex-employee of SCL reportedly said.

The company was able to offer advertisement and marketing services in support of Goodluck Jonathan, through people’s private information that the company had harvested.

Worthy of note is that Cambridge Analytica also played a role in Kenya’s 2017 general elections, of which the main opposition is calling for an investigation on.

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