Introducing PayPad: The easiest way to accept card payments using your smartphone or tablet

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Muyiwa/TechPoint, is awesome. You guys should keep up the great job of giving us super tech news and more!

    With that said, I think a small part of this paypad-writeup/post will need to be changed. (Please read on).

    The paypad mpos (DATECS BLUEPAD-50 mPOS) is NOT the first mpos in Nigeria; It is ALSO definitely NOT the first to be CERTIFIED by NIBSS in Nigeria (as ESL/Cashenvoy claims). (Electronics settlement limited/Cashenvoy-guys should STOP TELLING LIES; how can you expect to gain the trust of customers/people in the financial area, when you LIE about a lot of things.) Its small LIES (and HIDDEN truths) like these that makes Nigeria citizens not trust the finance/bank system and Card system in General.

    This wont be the first time ESL/cashenvoy makes UNTRUE claims (they tell LIES). (E.g. ESL/cashEnvoy making claims that cashenvoy is the “most secure/safest and easiest webpayment System”? HOW? Is there any PROOF to support that claim? Then ESL/cashenvcoy claiming again with this mPOS that the DATECS-BLUEPAD-50 which they’ve called “paypad” is the easiest to use, and then claiming that they are first? HOW?)

    Here are the FACTS/TRUTHS, based on info from NIBSS Website:

    1 – The mPOS that is/was the FIRST one in Nigeria is MIURA-SHUTTLE. It was brought into Nigeria for certification by CLOUD SYSTEMS. (When MIURA SHUTTLE was Certified, the “ESL-paypad” which is “DATECS BLUEPAD-50” was nowhere to be found on the NIBSS-CERTIFICATION LIST!)

    See this link from NIBSS, where MIURA-SHUTTLE is certified as the ONLY mPOS there, on Number-13 (MIURA-SHUTTLE is the ONLY MPOS there too):


    Link_1b (Google Cache)- (

    2 – Based on point-1 above, “CLOUD SYSTEMS” would be the FIRST solution to be certified by NIBSS in Nigeria. (So, Cashenvoy-guys, STOP TELLING LIES, and TAKE THE LIES off of your mPOS website too!)

    3 – The DATECS BLUEPAD-50 (which is what was brought into Nigeria by Electronic Settlement/Cashenvoy-guys, under the name “Paypad”) was NOT certified until LATER.

    See this link from NIBSS which is the CURRENT NIBSS certification list; in that list “DATECS-BLUEPAD-50 (cash-paypad)” is number-15 (whereas number-13, shows the MIURA SHUTTLE, which had an EARLIER certification):


    I think maybe NIBSS’ attention should be called to this, and so should CLOUD SYSTEMS. Maybe when they sue ESL/Cashenvoy, then ESL/Cashenvoy will get the facts right. Telling lies and making bogus (untrue) claims is not the right way to get customers!

    (Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies listed here, but I work for a Bank)(I cant say which bank because I dont want my comment to be associated with the bank and get me in trouble , lol, but I’m concerned that lies/hidden truth are one of the things negatively affecting the growth of our financial/banking system).

    1. Yomi Kanduwa says:

      I agree with the other comment.
      You must be a disgruntled former employee or a rival.
      I work in the banking sector as well and I can remember a meeting last year at NIBSS where the NIBSS MD informed us that cloud systems was not properly connected to NIBSS and as at that time, he informed everyone that Electronic Settlement Limited was the only one certified.
      So, I do not think they are wrong in claiming to be the first.
      I am also aware that their solution is also the only working mpos solution in Nigeria, so I believe they are truly the first.
      By the way, being first or second is not what the article is about.
      You are just just trying to draw readers away from a very good review.

      Also, I stumbled upon the article below and I believe its the PayPad solution as well that was launched as the first mpos solution in Nigeria by a bank

      1. Anonymous says:

        Hi Yomi, see the reply to you (it’s posted as a new comment, for space).

  2. Anonymous says:

    i personally think a lot of issues have been raised that needs to be clarified….Electronic settlement/ Cashenvoy people need to be clear about what is what…i have personally seen this innovation used and i have paid through this channel and i think its innovative, i was skeptical but welcome to the idea and i don’t think i have seen any other used elsewhere..i asked a couple of friends that work in different banks and they said there is only one commercially working Mpos in Nigeria at the moment (others are in the works i would presume) and this product is called Paypad…in that case then maybe Paypad has some bragging rights as the 1st working Mpos(Correct me if i am wrong)….Moving on you seem disgruntled with Electronic settlement/Cash envoy, almost seems like you used to work with them…while i appreciate your need for clearly stated facts i think your attack is on the company, the article was about the product as another way to make payments electronically and this is working which i think should be encouraged.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi “Anonymous ESL supporter”, (also Yomi Kanduwa), please read my disclaimer at the end of my PRIOR/1st comment; to clear any doubts – I have NEVER worked for ESL/cashvoy (and I never will; a business like Electronic Settlement Ltd / Cashenvoy that TELLS LIES anyhow just to get customers should not be in business; they are giving a bad name to the financial industry please)(I work for a Bank that’s why this really concerns me. Yomi you work for a bank too so you should understand my view better); (ESL/Cashenvoy attitude should not be encouraged as its negative and giving a negative impression to people, of how financial/banking companies do business ; you say you THINK I’m attacking them abi? Well, if they are BREAKING CONSUMER TRUST should we allow them continue until it gets so bad that people now don’t want to use POS because they feel no longer Secure because they are being lied to?)? We are still trying to build trust and encourage people to use their DebitCards and to do online-banking, and then one business (ESL/Cashenvoy) comes along to BREAK the TRUST? Why! Don’t you see the issue here? Please stop trying to encourage them.

      I don’t want this to turn into an argument, but for it to be constructive. I have stated FACTS / TRUTHS in my post, NOT what I “think” (which is what you are doing), or “what I HEARD someone say at a meeting at NIBSS”, but PURE DOCUMENTED FACTS, from NIBSS Website directly. Please state FACTS! You actually sound like YOU work for ESL from the way your response is written without stating FACT; you are stating opinions (meanwhile Yomi Kanduwa, you are stating HEAR-SAY). I’ll say this: ESL paypadmpos is NOT the first working mpos, and There is more than one mpos in the market Commercially (I have PROOF /FACT to back it up, but that’ll be another whole comment which I’ll write later if needed to CLEARLY State FACTS); you yourself said “you don’t THINK you have seen (any other mpos)”, which again is your Opinion, not FACT. Let’s stick to the FACTS please. Thanks.

      Yomi Kanduwa, I’ll type a brief reply directly to your comment in few minutes.

      Maybe I should write a full blog post on this issue and email Muyiwa/TechPoint to post it; let’s nip this problem in the bud before it becomes a bigger issue and affect the whole banking system negatively.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Yomi Kanduwa, in reply to your 1st Comment :

    Please read my Disclaimer and CLARIFICATION (in reply to “Anonymous ESL supporter”).

    You work in banking like me, so if anything you should see the issues here. I’m not saying the mPOS is a bad product, but that the means which ESL/cashenvoy is using by TELLING LIES and making BOGUS CLAIMS to get it out there, is not appropriate (i.e telling lies and making various bogus claims, when the FACTS available from the ONLY Reliable and CREDIBLE Source – which is NIBSS – says otherwise, based on the links I provided (the links in my 1st comment) from NIBSS for their CERTIFIED list over time).

    If truly, CLOUD SYSTEMS was not “properly connected” (which you are SAYING, based on HEAR-SAY, not FACT) and accordingly the Cloud-Systems Miura-Shuttle (of MIURA poland) was not Certified like your HEAR-SAY states then Cloud-Systems WONT still be on that NIBSS CERTIFIED list; NIBSS updates their CERTIFIED list regularly (e.g. they’ve Added “TITIS/GoSwiff” as another Approved Reseller for the Miura-Shuttle); they would have removed Cloud System from that list if not certified! (Just like ESL/cashenvoy is a RESELLER for DATECS-BLUEPAD-50, likewise if another Nigerian business contacts DATECS Belgium, and becomes a Reseller, they will likewise undergo certification by NIBSS and if they get CERTIFIED then NIBSS would put them on that list). The CERTIFIED list is STRAIGHT-FORWARD!

    Your “Article” from “Brandcrunch” is NOT reliable. In this case NIBSS is the ONLY reliable source (not some article or even Newspapers, as those can be BOUGHT with money for them to write anything pretty much!) So, right now the ONLY FACTS are still what I’ve provided, with links DIRECTLY from NIBSS. I rest my case. Its late night now, so I’ll end my comments here. Thanks. Take care!

    1. Yomi Kanduwa says:

      Hi Anonymous hater,
      This will be my last comment as I am not being paid to this. I am sure it is obvious to all readers that you have a personal vendetta with the Company.
      I believe the guys at Electronic Settlement Limited will be reading this and it will be nice for them to seek clarification from NIBSS to find out if they are the first or second mpos solution in Nigeria.
      Though, personally (personal opinion), I don’t see how being first or second affects the beautiful review above.

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