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Introducing Orbi, Nigeria’s very own voice-based social network

May 11, 2015 · 1 min read
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“Voice is more humane, more expressive, and more powerful when used right.”

Facebook allows you share your thoughts in form of text or picture posts, Twitter in tweets, now Orbi wants those thoughts shared in orbs. Orbi is a social network application out of ‘Naija,’ that allow users to share 9-second voice notes with other users.

As a user, you create your profile, follow other orbians and share orbs in form of voice notes, captions or pictures. After recording your voice note and before sharing it, you get to listen to check if it’s good to go or not.

Orbi users can share orbs on other social network like Twitter and Facebook. One of the features of the app that you might find amusing are the smileys with their local feel.

Orbi Smiley
Orbi Smileys

Orbi’s Terminologies

Below is a list of terms that you might come across on the platform

  • MyOrbi: the social network itself
  • Orb: a 9 second-voice note: what post and tweet are to Facebook and Twitter respectively
  • Orbians: users of Orbi
  • Reorb: a feature to repost another user’s orb

Is 9 seconds enough to share your thoughts? You might want to give Orbi a try. It’s available for Android, via the Google Play Store. You can also access it via mobile web. An iOS app is currently in the works.


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