Nigerian online food delivery services you should totally patronise

by | Jan 26, 2015

Regardless of where you live or work, a delicious meal can be yours simply by opening an app or your web browser. There are a number of online food delivery services that let you log in, choose a restaurant in your area, and have it delivered in no time, with only a couple of clicks..

Recently, I saw a tweet from Mark Essien:

So, to answer his question (PS: I don’t think they’re so disappointing), I asked a couple of my friends and colleagues what apps/websites they used when they wanted to order food from restaurants in their area. The best thing about most of these food delivery services is that you don’t even have to speak to someone; all you have to do is open the app/website, pick the restaurant and the meal you want, and a few minutes later your food arrives; it’s really great.

Here is a list of food ordering platforms (in no particular order):

Jumia Food


Minimum Order: N1,000 (Depending on restaurants)

Locations servicing: Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt

Delivery: Jumia Food


Jumia Food boasts a pretty good selection of restaurants around popular cities. The platform lets you pay for your food on delivery with extra-charges like service fee or container charge as well as VAT. The extra charges differ according to restaurants.


Least Price of Box: N3,000 (except for snack box which goes for N1,000)

Locations servicing: Lagos

Delivery Channel: Gingerbox

Gingerbox is the food delivery service for those living the fitfam life. Formerly known as Jaramall, they used to offer a wide range of food items, but after re-branding to Gingerbox, it decided to focus solely on delivering fruits to offices. Gingerbox has designated delivery days for offices and homes.


No minimum order

Locations servicing: All states except Sokoto and Yobe

Delivery Channel: Seller or Foodstantly (buyer’s choice)

Foodstantly is an online marketplace that not only delivers ready to eat meals from various restaurants but also enables food vendors; restaurant owners, caterers, farmers and set up shop and sell online. The listed states on the website do not include Sokoto and Yobe.


Minimum order: N1,000 (Depending on restaurants)

Locations Servicing: Lagos

With the promise of delivery in minutes, AreaChops another platform on the list that allows users order for food from restaurants. Delivery charge of N700 applies to all locations within Lagos Island, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki, and Ajah.


Minimum Order: N500

Locations servicing: Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki

Ofadahut, despite having a name using a name associated with a local brand of rice, delivers not only different types of rice but also delivers Amala, Eba and the likes. According to the website, the food ordering platform only delivers to Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lagos Island and Lekki Phase 1. Delivery charge is as low as N100, however, there is an extra charge of N100 for orders made below the minimum order.


Minimum Order: N1,000 (depending on restaurants)

Locations servicing: Abuja

iSabiFood is not just a food ordering platform, the platform also allows users to make restaurant table reservation. The platform takes orders for both local and continental dishes.


Minimum Order: Depends on restaurants

Locations servicing: Ibadan

Jeun provides a platform for people in the city of Ibadan to order food online and have it delivered in no time. Jeun is looking forward to being the leading online food ordering platform in Nigeria but currently cater for restaurants and food lovers in Ibadan.

And of course there are independents restaurants that take orders online from their own menu alone and have the orders delivered, those in that categories include Bukkahub, Domino Pizza, Kilimanjaro Restaurants among others.

I’m positive a lot more will join the food delivery game really soon, and as a self-proclaimed foodie, nothing makes me happier.

Daniel Orubo
Daniel Orubo

Writer & Content Strategist.

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6 years ago

Hellofood for sure! I have used it countless times 🙂

5 years ago

Naijaeats aint working for months now

5 years ago

city chops not working also, hello food for sure. fastchow coming soon

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