Meta AI allows you to create images on WhatsApp

April 19, 2024
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Victoria from Techpoint here,

Here's what I've got for you:

  • Meta AI allows you to create images on WhatsApp 
  • Wema Bank suspends 7 fintech partners 
  • Kenya demands TikTok's safety reports
  • MarketForce’s new Chpter

Meta AI allows you create images on WhatsApp

Photo by Mourizal Zativa on Unsplash

Meta is launching a new feature for WhatsApp users: real-time AI image generation. 

When you type a text-to-image prompt in a Meta AI chat, the image will change as you enter more information. It's like watching your idea come to life!

Beta-testers can try it by starting a chat with Meta AI and typing a prompt with the word, "Imagine."

But that's not all. Meta's also stepping up its game with sharper, higher-quality images thanks to its Meta Llama 3 model. Also, you can even ask Meta AI to animate any images you provide, turning them into GIFs to share with friends.

And these new features are not limited to WhatsApp users; real-time image generation is also available on Meta AI for the web. Meta is also rolling out AI features across all its apps, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger. 

But Meta's not stopping there. It’s integrating Meta AI into the search box of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger, and it'll start popping up in your main Facebook feed. You can still chat with it in the messaging inboxes of Meta's apps, and now it's accessible via a standalone website at

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The goal is for Meta AI to be the most intelligent AI assistant out there, and with Llama 3, they're getting closer to that goal. Llama 3 outperforms other models and is better at tasks like coding. 

And the best part? Meta AI is now being rolled out in more countries and languages.

Wema Bank suspends 7 fintech partners

Wrma Bank

Wema Bank in Nigeria is cracking down on some shady business with fintech partners. It kicked out seven of them from its payment platform, saying they were up to no good.

The bank took a hit of nearly ₦685 million last year due to fraud and forgery, so they're not messing around. They launched an anti-fraud campaign to keep customers safe and informed about the tricks scammers pull.

Turns out, some of these dodgy transactions were flowing into wallet accounts managed by these fintech partners. 

So, Wema Bank did some digging, found the culprits, and booted them off the platform. It’s also keeping a close eye on the rest to make sure they're playing by the rules.

Oluwole Esomojumi, a big shot at Wema Bank, says the company is staying ahead of the game by beefing up security checks. It’s on a mission to stamp out fraud for good.

Kenya demands TikTok's safety reports


Kenya is stepping up its game when it comes to keeping tabs on TikTok. Instead of just banning it outright, it’s making the short-form video platform publish reports every three months to show it’s playing by the rules.

The Ministry of ICT spilled the beans to lawmakers, saying this move is about tackling TikTok's downsides, like mental health issues and privacy concerns.

John Tanui, the ICT bigwig, told lawmakers that TikTok needs to spill the beans every quarter on what content it’s taken down and why. He reckons banning TikTok outright would do more harm than good, especially since so many Kenyan youth and entrepreneurs rely on it for income.

And it's not just TikTok in the hot seat. Kenya's got a whole plan to regulate social media platforms, covering everything from data privacy to fake news and keeping kids safe online.

But this isn't the first time Kenya's had TikTok on its radar. In March 2024, the Interior Ministry talked about clamping down on TikTok use by government officials to protect sensitive info and people's security.

Consequently, the platform disclosed it would team up with the African Union to spread the word about online safety and even give Kenyan policymakers the lowdown on privacy and content moderation.

But TikTok's not in the clear everywhere. It's been banned in some African countries and other places like Canada, the US, and India. Well, it looks like Kenya's trying to find a middle ground! Let’s see how that turns out.

MarketForce’s new Chpter

MarketForce co-founders

MarketForce, a Kenyan startup known for its sales software, shut down its B2B eCommerce platform RejaReja and launched a new gig called Chpter, a social commerce platform.

According to Tesh Mbaabu, the CEO, RejaReja had to go because the retail market's tight margins were making it tough to turn a profit. The constant price battles didn't help either. 

Even after trying to tweak things and cutting staff, it just couldn't make it work. But MarketForce isn't throwing in the towel. 

It’s now all in on Chpter, which helps merchants sell stuff on social media like WhatsApp and Instagram using AI-powered conversations and slick marketing tools.

MarketForce has been through the wringer before. It started off selling software to big companies, then tried its hand at eCommerce. Despite raising over $40 million in funding and expanding across Africa, it wasn't enough to keep the lights on.

Now, with Chpter, it’s hoping the third time's the charm. Mbaabu thinks it’s learned enough from its past mistakes to hit the jackpot finally. 

Well, let's see if it can turn things around with this new venture!

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Victoria Fakiya for Techpoint Africa.

She's autistic and interested in mental health and how technology can help Africans with mental disorders. Find her on Twitter @latoria_ria.
She's autistic and interested in mental health and how technology can help Africans with mental disorders. Find her on Twitter @latoria_ria.
She's autistic and interested in mental health and how technology can help Africans with mental disorders. Find her on Twitter @latoria_ria.

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