Where To Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria

January 23, 2024
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I’ve always been the kind of person that strives to have multiple income streams. This is Nigeria, and to survive, you must use your head, my friend would say.

You will agree with me that 9-5 doesn’t cut it anymore these days. The best income stream you can get for yourself is something you can do from the comfort of your home or anywhere.

One of the legitimate ways to earn some extra cash  I’ve discovered is gift card trading. Well, you are currently reading this because you made the same discovery. In this article, I will highlight where to sell gift cards in Nigeria specifically focusing on Nosh.ng.

I will also talk about why Nosh is your best bet and how you can easily sell gift cards on the platform. No long talks, let’s get to it!

Best Place To Sell Gift Cards For Naira

The best place to sell gift cards in Nigeria is NOSH. Nosh is a popular gift card trading platform in Nigeria that allows users to sell and buy gift cards.

Not just that, users can also make bill payments. It’s a legit platform myself and friends have used time and time again. My favorite line is Nosh no dey disappoint.

Nosh currently assists over 155,000 users in trading gift cards with a very simple process. I mentioned earlier that we are going to explore why Nosh is the ideal platform to sell gift cards and why it stands out among other options for where to trade gift cards.

Keep reading to find out about the amazing features Nosh has to ensure a top-notch gift card trading experience for users.


Why NOSH Is The Best Trading Platform For You

As Lion is the king of the jungle, so is Nosh among the gift card trading platforms in Nigeria. Find out why:

    1. Security

Personally, security is my highest priority when choosing any app. And in that regard, Nosh carried it on their head.

To ensure an additional layer of protection to your account, you can choose to activate 2FA on the platform.

There are also other security measures put in place to ensure your trade and funds are secured.

  1. High Rates

Tell me, my friend, who doesn’t like better things? Nosh has the best rates all over Nigeria. Feel free to quote me anywhere.

There is a gift card rate calculator on the Nosh website that enables you to quickly find gift cards with the highest resale value.

Trust me, this is the best time to cash out the best value for your gift cards.

  1. Fast Payout

Nosh ensures to credit your wallet immediately after your trade is approved. No unnecessary delays. You get to enjoy quick cash out with Nosh.

  1. Nosh Wallet

With the Nosh wallet, you can easily manage your funds and make withdrawals. There is also a dollar wallet on the platform. Oh yes, you can choose to sell your gift card for naira or dollar on the Nosh app.

  1. Great Customer Service

Nosh's customer support team takes a step further to exceed expectations. They value customers’ time and ensure to provide swift solutions/guides on your inquiry.

How To Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria

With the following outlined steps, you can swiftly sell your gift card for naira on the Nosh website or app.

  1. Create An Account

You can visit the Nosh website or download the mobile app on PlayStore/AppStore. To create an account on Nosh, you will need to fill in your name, email address, and password.

  1. Sell Gift Card

It’s quite simple to sell gift cards on Nosh. Once you sign in, click on the Sell Gift Card option.

Select the gift card category (e.g. Steam) and subcategory (e.g. USA Steam Ecode) you want to sell.

Choose the payout currency (naira or dollar) you want and upload the gift card image or type out the ecode.

  1. Submit Trade

Review your trade summary and submit. Your trade will be processed and your wallet will be credited. 

You can literally perform this action while eating. It’s that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where Can I Sell Gift Cards Online?

Nosh is the best place you can sell gift cards online in Nigeria. You can easily convert gift cards at high rates and get instant cash on the platform.

  1. Is It Legal To Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria?

Yes, it is legal to sell your gift cards in Nigeria. However, this doesn’t nullify the fact that there are rippers on the internet.

That is why you have to select your trading platform wisely. Trade gift cards with Nosh and protect yourself against online rippers.

  1. Which Gift Card Has The Highest Rate In Nigeria?

Gift card rates vary based on the gift card brand, denomination, and market demand. However, certain gift cards are known to consistently have the top rates.

This includes iTunes, Steam, Razer Gold, eBay, and Sephora. Make use of the Nosh gift card rate calculator to learn the current rate.

  1. Can I Use My Gift Cards In Nigeria?

Certain gift cards like Google Play, Netflix, and iTunes/Apple can be used to purchase their services in Nigeria.

It is important to read the terms and conditions of gift cards to learn about their restriction of use in certain countries/regions.


Over the years, Nosh has proven to be the best and most secure gift card trading platform in Nigeria.

Everything we’ve covered in this article also attests to that claim, making it the top choice for anyone wondering where to trade gift cards.

With Nosh, you gain access to secured transactions, high rates, fast payout, and great customer service.

Download the Nosh app today and start enjoying amazing deals on gift cards. To contact Nosh customer support, email help@nosh.ng or call +234 8125349466.

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