Etherscan Unveils 3 ERC-20 Tokens Surging Right Now

December 18, 2023
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In the surging bull market, 3 tokens stand out with their growth. Today’s spotlight is on Immutable (IMX), Injective (INJ) and Everlodge (ELDG). 

Immutable (IMX): 600-Day Peak and a New Transak Partnership

Immutable is an L2 NFT solution on the Ethereum blockchain built with STARK zk-rollups which ensure instant trading and massive scalability. It offers zero-cost transactions with up to 9000 transactions per second and free minting of ERC-721 tokens. 

Immutable started with the Gods Unchained card game, which is similar to the popular Hearthstone. It has come a long way since 2021! Immutable is now hosting over 150 games and over 20 marketplaces.

Immutable in the last year has reached 366%, 80% in the last month, and 44% in the last week. IMX hit a 2$ mark for the first time in 600 days. However, it fell 2% in the last 24 hours, currently at 1.98$. 

There’s hope for further growth with the new Immutable partnership with Transak. Transak will provide crucial on-ramps to purchase digital tokens and off-ramps to convert crypto to FIAT. These ramps are going to provide easier usability for the general population.

Technicals are mixed. While moving averages show a buy signal for IMX, the oscillators remain neutral.

Injective (INJ): 1469% Growth in One Year

Binance-backed Injective (INJ) is a decentralized L1 DeFi solution. It doesn’t only include spot exchanges but derivative exchanges, lending protocols, and more. These financial markets are completely on-chain and decentralized. They’re also Miner-Extractable Value (MEV) resistant and have zero gas fees.

Injective created a wide use case because of its CosmWasm smart contract platform. CosmWasm provides Injective with unmatched cross-chain operability with Ethereum, Solana, IBC, Polygon, and many other chains.

Injective has shown an impressive growth of 1469% during the last year, 48% during the last month, and 43% during the last week. However, the last 24 hours have sent Injective down 4.52%. INJ is currently standing at 25.05$. While moving averages show a strong buy signal, the oscillators are not so optimistic and give a sell signal.

Everlodge (ELDG): Analysts Predict a 30x Surge

Unlike Injective and Immutable, Everlodge has not experienced a price decrease in the last 24 hours. While IMX and INJ have experienced their 1-year massive growth, Everlodge is starting its year of glory.

But, what is it? Everlodge is a digital real estate marketplace that allows fractional purchase of real estate. This is where Booking and AirBnB meet Web3.

Properties are minted in NFTs and sold as fractional assets that users can buy. Fractionalized real estate provides instant liquidity and passive income to its owners. 

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The ever-inflating value of real estate is now turned in your favor. You don’t have to purchase a whole home to earn from rent. It’s no longer necessary to deal with taxes and forms! You can simply purchase a percentage of a property and earn income proportional to your investment.

Although short-term growth is a given, the team locked their tokens for 2 years, indicating their commitment to long-term development.

Since the size of the real estate market is 280 trillion dollars, the growth potential is enormous. Growth potential and the simplistic usability of the platform have pushed analysts to predict a 280% rise during the presale stage and a 30x surge at the launch date. 

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