Africa Emerging Tech Superpower, Global Leaders Expedite Action at Alluvium's Cloud Connect

December 5, 2023
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Globally renowned tech experts are rallying for digital revolution and cloud integration to break barriers hindering Africa's growth, aiming to narrow the global technological divide which according to data, is a large market which the continent, Nigeria more importantly, can break into provided the right resources.

At the 2023 Cloud Connect, a tech/ICT summit held on Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State capital, national and international tech luminaries convened to propagate a radical shift towards remote work and modern IT nfrastructure, particularly the Cloud, to drive Africa's progress across all sectors.

Speakers at Cloud Connect, organized by fast rising ICT company, Alluvium, fervently emphasized the urgent need to embrace modern technology to propel the continent forward.  

"Digital transformation through cloud services is the cornerstone of Africa's exponential growth. We are poised to revolutionize key sectors such as Agriculture, Urbanization, Education, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Climate Change, Natural Resources, Art, and Tourism," Samuel Kojo Acheampong of Onpoint highlighted during the summit.

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Globally acclaimed tech experts, Zofia Pawlak, Remilekun Olaniyan, David Oladeji, Erica Larson, Rodney Nissen, and Naj Irshrad delved deep into sessions, focusing on elevating service agent performance, exploring the synergy of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with cloud systems, AI-powered collaboration in remote environments, and the distinct advantages of Atlassian, Jira Service Management, in the cloud landscape.

"Africa's embrace of cloud technology is non-negotiable. Individuals, businesses, and governments must adapt, adopt cloud centric architecture, revamp educational curricula, and align with 21st-century realities,"  the speakers emphasized.

They underscored the transformative power of tools like Jira Service Management and DevOps, lauding their potential to catalyze rapid and efficient growth among startups.  

Expectations ran high for a surge in enterprise service management, a burgeoning African solution culture, and a heightened demand for Atlassian tools across the continent, spurred by companies like Alluvium, which they recognized for training and retraining of tech enthusiasts.

Distinguished personalities, Kevin Teui, Senior Special Assistant to Ekiti Governor on New Media, Tosin Adara, Special Adviser on Digital Economy, Tiwa Omope, Ekiti State Commissioner for Digital Economy, Seun Fakuade (represented by Tiwa Omope), were pivotal in discussions revolving around leveraging Atlassian Tools and African Market synergies to address the continent's pressing challenges through collaborative indigenous innovations.  

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Alluvium HQ co-CEO, Mr Wale Olojo shed light on the founding ethos of their enterprise, and stated "Our joint venture aims to steer current and future generations away from cybercrime. We aspire to harness the talents and skills within our society to innovate and confront Africa's economic challenges head-on."  Olojo stressed the urgency for African countries to emulate tech trailblazers like India and China, leveraging their human resources for economic growth.

He urged both local and international companies to trust and engage with startups like Alluvium, emphasizing the importance of job creation and sustainable practices.  

Taiwo Ojo, also Alluvium co-CEO, emphasized the global impact of their endeavors, stating, "We've assisted over 500 companies worldwide in transitioning from local data centers to the cloud, reaping substantial business advantages."  

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The focal point of their mission, as Taiwo reiterated, is not solely global but rooted in uplifting African companies. Cloud infrastructure, he emphasized, yields efficiency and cost-saving benefits, enabling entities to focus on their core strengths.

He highlighted the potential for digital transformation within governments and the utilization of AI to streamline processes and enhance revenue generation.

Addressing concerns about AI displacing jobs, Otunba Ojo highlighted its potential to create employment opportunities and bolster economies. He championed remote work as a $50 billion market, elucidating its benefits for companies, employees, and governments alike.

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Additionally, he emphasized the strategic support provided to cultivate a pool of remote workers and the donation of educational resources to foster technological literacy among Nigerian youth.  

“Cloud Connect serves as a clarion call for Africa to bridge the technological gap and harness its vast potential through digital transformation and cloud adoption across various sectors.  This call isn’t just about technological advancement; it’s about societal progression and economic prosperity across the African continent”.

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