Scaling with stellar communication technologies at the Termii Elevate 1.0 Conference

June 8, 2022
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According to a report from DataReportal, Nigeria has around 109.2 million internet users. With the continued rise of internet access in Nigeria, digital-based solutions continue to rise. 

There is an increasing need to keep customers engaged by utilising various tools not limited to the internet. Online transactions are rising, with over $428 billion worth of e-transactions happening in 2020 alone. 

Effective communication across platforms becomes paramount as customers want to confirm whether their transactions went through or why their app is failing. With all roads leading to the businesses, how fast feedback is given to the customer is essential. 

In a country such as Nigeria, with its population facing infrastructural deficiencies such as poor electricity, it can be hard, therefore putting a strain on customer retention. 


It has been shown that managing customer retention is an incredibly important part of growing a sustainable business. According to a Harvard Business School research, increasing customer retention rates by merely 5% potentially increases a company's profit by 25 - 95%. 

From an African perspective, this poses numerous questions. How do we treat customer retention? Are there other unpopular drivers of business success? What are the innovative technologies helping to change the game? 

How affordable are these technologies, especially for African startups? What is the ease of access to these tools? How far does communication go in all of these? 

These, among others, are exactly the kind of questions the Termii Elevate 1.0 Conference hopes to provide answers to.

According to Ifedolapo Ogunjubee, Head of Business, Termii, there is an increasing need to hold conversations like this because, over the years, there have been increasing conversations in various spaces such as fintech, healthtech, and blockchain, among others but little or no conversation in the communication space.

He said, "We have conversations around different industries, but there is a gap in the communication platform. That is why we decided that we are going to take it upon ourselves and drive this conversation in the industry." 

Ogunjubee said the importance of communication in connecting businesses to their customers could never be overemphasised. 

On July 23, 2022, Termii, in partnership with Techpoint Africa, will be hosting the brightest minds in communications, growth, digital marketing, software development, customer service, and fintech for the first edition of Termii Elevate Conference tagged "Scaling with stellar communication technologies." 


Termii Elevate 1.0 Conference will bring together leaders who champion effective communication using technology in manners that drive business scalability and efficiency.

First of its kind in Nigeria, in partnership with Techpoint Africa, the Conference will provide a platform to foster discussions around the several spectrums of communication and how they are shaping the present and future businesses.

It will serve as a nexus for ideas and conversations to drive the African market forward.  

Who can attend the Conference? 

Marketing and Growth managers, Software Engineers (Senior & Junior), Customer service representatives, Digital Marketers, Product managers/owners, Chief Technology Officers, PR professionals, tech enthusiasts, etc.

When and where will it take place?

The Termii Elevate 1.0 Conference will be held on July 23, 2022, at BWC Hotels, Victoria Island, Lagos. 

How do I register to attend the Conference?

Registration for Termii Elevate Conference is free. To register, visit

Ticket s

Physical Pass - Free 

Online Pass - Free 

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