Insecta launches, an art-tech platform that makes affordable & inspiring wall art available to everyone.

April 22, 2022
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Raknida team picture featuring Anthony, Afoma, and Fortune
  • An online marketplace for wall art, with robust, affordable options including art prints, canvas prints and wallpapers.
  • Designed to help people elevate their spaces and get inspired with high-quality art infused with augmented reality.
  • Creates economic opportunities for African digital art creators globally
  • 10% of annual profits from sales are dedicated to powering the dreams of child artists in Nigeria 

Insecta Studios, a creative company based in Lagos, Nigeria, launches today, a one-of-a-kind wall art platform in Africa. Raknida (pronounced ‘rak-nee-dah’) is on a mission to provide high-quality and affordable wall arts that inspire people, promote all-around well-being, support the economic advancement of young African artists, and fuse art + tech experiences that open up unique opportunities for everyone, globally.

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Shaping the Future with Raknida

According to Anthony ‘Anth’ Ezeokoye, CEO and founder of Insecta, Raknida was created for the imaginative & young-at-heart obsessed with bringing something real into every space they touch.

“It is Raknida’s mission to use art to put heart in every space. So with digital artworks from African creators, high-quality materials and innovative art-tech, we are redesigning the experience of wall art to help people transform their spaces and inspire them to shape the future on their terms”, Anth shared.

Raknida poses as an affordable wall art solution for homeowners, architects, interior designers, business owners or managers, and so many more who have the power to use spaces to achieve different goals. As a marketplace, the platform makes several digital art styles (e.g. graffiti, murals, photography, illustrations, etc.) available to users as three wall art options: art prints, canvas prints and wallpapers, with the additional option to frame any art or canvas print. 

Why Raknida?

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For over four years, the Insecta Studios team has been dedicatedly carrying out research and building Raknida as a solution to several challenges identified by art lovers globally.

“We’ve spent a few years asking questions to help us understand what people’s real experiences with their spaces have been, and how those interactions affect their daily lives”, said Oma Chiegboka, the Communications & Operations Director of Insecta Studios, “The responses we got gave us deep insight into how wall art can promote growth and quality living, as well as how we can help to enhance people’s real-life experiences at home, in offices, public spaces, etc. with something as simple as wall art that inspires.”

So Raknida provides four (4) key solutions to users:

  1. Artworks that are both high-quality and affordable
  2. Designs that inspire growth and allow people to express themselves in their spaces
  3. Different wall art options that can be easily purchased online from anywhere in the world
  4. Various unique designs to choose from, all made by African creators

In addition to these though, Raknida features even more experiences that take users beyond the art. 

Welcome to the Future of Wall Art

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“Just like music,” noted Oma, “visual art can inspire, help you connect with others, give you the ‘cool factor’, drive you to achieve your goals, transform entire spaces, and much more.

“So more than artworks that beautify your walls, what we’re working to achieve with Raknida is to give people memorable experiences designed to enhance their lives.”

  • Augmented Reality Art
    Select artworks on Raknida are infused with augmented reality so users can bring their wall arts to life on their phones. Some even include ASMR audio affirmations created to excite & motivate users.
  • Supporting young African artists
    As a wall art marketplace, Raknida is providing a means of economic growth to young African digital artists. In addition, 10% of the profits from every artwork purchased on Raknida is dedicated annually to helping child artists in Nigeria achieve their dreams.
  • Invest in artworks & earn
    One of the features that Raknida intends to include for its users in the nearest future is NFTs. With Raknida NFTs, users can earn a percentage of the profits from every sale of their purchased artwork for as long as they own it!

And apparently, there’s a lot more that their team has in store for the Raknida community. According to them, Raknida is ‘wall art like you’ve never experienced it before. Welcome to the future!’

Created with love by Insecta

Raknida is a product of Insecta Studios, a creative company that uses storytelling and design to connect brands & people.

For over six (6) years, Insecta has been creating design solutions to transform businesses and help them grow. It’s their mission to raise the standard of visual creativity in Africa by creating economic opportunities for youths and driving innovation through design.

According to Anth, their CEO, Raknida is one of the primary ways they’re fulfilling their mission at Insecta.

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